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  • Figured it out. The answer was not to apply a 0-5 sec DELAY, but to apply a 0-5 sec FADE to each row, and they match!
  • Jim, Thanks very much for that suggestion. Terribly helpful.
  • Stephlight- Thanks VERY much for pointing out the language to trigger a specific cue. I didn't realize that I had not updated the manual I refer to in my computer. Very helpful. Marti- Thanks for the feedback. Mark
  • Don't know why, but I had trouble getting the fixtures removed from the cue list, and I believe I executed the instructions right. I'll have opportunity to practice again in a while. Hopefully I will figure what I did wrong. The cue list trigge…
  • Chris, The switcher was common- until I took i out of line to see if that was it. It was not. Or, at least, it did not prevent the problem. I am still curious to know if the other system displaying this behavior is a Linux or XP system. I h…
  • It is my BELIEF that it is a software fault, but I have not had a wide experience of boards. I'm curious if this is with the Linux version, or with an embedded XP? Mark
  • Ross, No resolution. The thing I found in practice was that when it froze, it was always doing non-pressured work. So patching, lamping down, etc, but never that time during actual programming. So ultimately, it was more unsettling than harmfu…
  • Shifted so that the consoles are not networked and are direct to the DP and it still happened. I'm basically done programming at this point, so playback should make things more stable, but I still welcome ideas. Thank you all. M
  • The show is not networked at this stage. I will bypass the switch this morning when I get it. Last night, the thing actually locked up while I was lamping the fixtures down! Man! I would love anyone who is familiar with the code to explain to …
  • Yes, the behavior happened with two different consoles. The first board had previously in its history had hard drive problems and was serviced by High End and has been well behaved for over a year now. Second board is only a year old. Perhaps…
  • No identical keystrokes, but usually I'm taking a couple of fixtures and using touch to back up and mark them in the previous cues. But it seems to not be keystroke related. Any thoughts? M
  • I have the full console (the linux version) not sure if there is more specific info I should look for to fully answer that? I have a call in to the guy I rented from to find out the last full install. I have the boards networked through a lynksys …