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  • Hey guys, sorry for the lack of response. I got it to recognize the show and launched it. The issue I am having now is that when I launch now from my laptop to connect it sees there is a show but gives me a "show database init failure". Any thoughts…
  • That is exactly what it was. The person who had it before us had everything patched to an external widget for some reason as well as a different server and console as the primary. Thanks!
  • Does the new black super widgets work with the hog 3pc software or just the Hog4 stuff?
  • Yeah, for some reason they must have changed when I imported the profiles, but I updated the software and went through all the fixtures and made sure the defaults for everything were open and they seem to be working just fine now.
  • i got it all worked out. thanks guys!
  • The fixture profile I merged in isn't the one that is freaking out. It is one that I have been using for a awhile with no problem. The profiles I merged in are working with no problem. Would those merged fixtures still be screwing it up? Also, I hav…
  • I went to download the software and it says "This version requires a Full Install of XPe Image v1.8.0 or greater." how do I tell if I have that or not?
  • I'm running v3.2.2.....I might want to update that, I will start there and see if that solves it
  • it is a show that I have been using for awhile now I did however merge in two fixtures that Highend sent me
  • MWPS1, are you still willing to make profiles?
  • How do I activate keyboard shortcuts?
  • Alright, so dumb it possible to manually create user kinds on the pc version? As i read you have to hold down open and hit kinds at the same time and I'm not sure how to do that or am I just reading it wrong on how to do it. I'm also …
  • Do the widget compatibility change between all the hog pc version? Like for hog 3 do I have to have a different widget than I would for the hog 4 software?
  • Hey, are you able to do profiles for LED bars for roadhogs too?
  • If I give you the info for the fixture could you use that to make the profile for me? I am a little confused on how to use it.