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  • Hi Mitch We are using both DP8K, the DP8k on stage has net number 2 and is controlling the show rig we bring in, the internal DP8K runs houselights from FOH (net number 1) Artnet is only send from the external DP8K, Internal DP8K doesn't run Artnet…
  • Hi Cormac, Thanks for your reply I have tried to replace the xlr cable with no change, the xlr cable is good since everything works as expected without the DP8K and timecode widget in the system I haven't tried your last suggestion because the DP8…
  • Hi Marc, Which settings would you like to see? List settings, Preferences? Thursday I have the console in front of me and than I can take some pictures
  • I could imagine this as an option in the preference menu, or even better as a option in the user menu, so it can be enabled/disabled on userbase
  • Hello Datadriver, Thanks for your reply, I did't reboot the console, unfortunately the laggy issue continued for a week, than I reinstalled the software which fixed the problems, it seems like in some way the showfile got slow in some way, any ideas…
  • Because the backups were made at the start of the day, and the showfiles were saved at the moment I shut down the console that day, so I wanted to keep a backup of the start of the day and from the end of the day, but forgot to make a backup of the …