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  • We have the hog 2 /1000 and the 500 which use most for teching lights.
  • It has a 4 am fast blow on the main board power in that's what the schem has listed, also they are 120 fixtures that's what i am powered into .i beleive that it may have burned out the voltage rectifier. But i am not sure.what do you think? Ambie
  • oh ok , so i will post it in the hog 2 forum. Thanks.
  • Oh and happy Hollidays everyone.
  • Yes that would be great . Please do . Respond Priavetly if you need my E-Mail. Thanks Again. Ambie
  • Yes , what i am simply saying is that say i am going to tech some studio colors, i would address them accordingly correct? after i am done with the 1st batch of fixtures i would set up another batch to be tested i would power them up an after th…
  • I am in the Los Angeles Area at the moment City Of Santa Fe Springs,CA.
    in Tarining. Comment by ambi40 June 2007
  • Yes please explain.
  • Hello . The instrument is a mac 2000 profile, And the error is fbet. Feed back error tilt. Thanks Ambi40
  • At the moment i am not trying to create for a show, however iwould like to get the general idea as to how you would create the diferent looks so i can have flexability to creat diferent types of lighting effects at will. like in a concert for ex…
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  • I am ussing a hog3 console, i wanted to get a better understanding for creating multi fase effects with ea element of the effect recorded on multiple faders. thus being able to implement the use of macros. thanks again. Amber ......
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  • Ryan, Awsome! So you already know how i'm feelin. I would love to go But i guess that's how it goes. So were do you work now. Amber.
  • Also Can someone please explain to me how to create Macros. Thanks Again. Amber.....
  • Good Eevening everyone, What is the best source available to help me understand the power supply in a moving light in order to perform more efficient instrument trouble shooting skills. Thanks Again. Amber.
  • Hi Tom, I still Cannot connect to wysiwyg, Plus i do not have a dongle. I did hear that there was a show file that i could get that would enable me to minipulate using hog 3 pc. i have also upgraded to hog connect and still no luck even …
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  • Marco you have been soo helpfull , are you here in calif? well anyways again thank you soo much. Amber .......
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