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  • You can also Skip forward using the skip forward key (depending on which console your on and how it's set).
  • Thanks for the response @Leggy. I did realise that this can be achieved if the flash button is also set to release on off, however, having the +assert would mean you could have different timings for pressing the flash key over the normal Go button, …
  • Additive makes no difference to this situation. If there is a Palette window already open in a view, it shifts to the position of the view that has it by itself rather than opening a new window.
  • What does "logged as a request" actually mean, as in real world value? It seems to be used to make people requesting something feel at ease, even though it may take years or never happen. I understand it's easy to ask for stuff and a whole different…
  • I'm more than happy to have to do the offset fanning each time, as this would change with fixture quantities anyway. I used circles up above as an example, but I'm sure there's many other times this would be useful for things that don't have an offs…
  • My bad, I missed it was to rseybert, the first response didn't really explain it as you just have. That makes much more sense.
  • That works if you want an even number of fixtures in each group but that's not what eqrunner was asking for. eqrunner is asking to have those 3 groups consist of different quantities of fixtures (8,15, and 32) but act like 3 groups of the same quant…
  • If it's because you'd like to use the same settings when you begin, you can create a cue list(s) with a simple first cue, make the setting changes and then copy that list(s) to other locations before you actually write all the cues. At least I think…
  • I don't mind the fact that it's recording key strokes. It's the things that are screen reliant, for example a release time of a list, you have to actually highlight it on the screen to change it and the position changes on each version of console.
  • Well, as I said above I'm not a software developer so I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but, it seems like the competition let their uses do so much more mostly due to the ease of macros.
  • Right, I'm not a software programmer so I don't know anything about the architecture of how the software is written, however, at some level there must be something in the software that says what a certain soft-key is/does/named/whatever. When you p…
  • I would like to 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th this please.