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  • You're just marvelous. It's 3.15.1 now and GoTo still broken. In three years you did NOTHING! YOU broke it in 3.9 and you don't give a f*** to revert it how it was in 3.8. Excellent customer service, nothing to say...
  • Long awaited update 3.13. And still not fixed. When it'll be fixed?
  • I sent you example show by e-mail about a month ago as you asked... I'll cite it. In ver. 3.8 and older I press and hold cuelist in cuelist directory, then press GoTo, type cue number and press Enter to execute cue run. In ver. 3.9 and newer, when …
  • and still not fixed...
  • and this bug is still in place...
  • Rolled back to 3.8 and GoTo returns to be fully operational. Reinstalled 3.9 - and issue is back. So what's wrong with 3.9? Driver troubles? Win10 compatibility? Is there a way to convert 3.9 shows to 3.8?
  • Is HOG 4PC supports multitouch? I have Dell S2240T. Windows 10 tells that monitor have 10-points multitouch and it work in test app. But HOG 4PC understands only one point touch. Also I plan to build lighting console on NanoHOG + HOG 4PC on Windows…