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  • any news for this?? robert gurk
  • " LIVE " - " TOUCH " does the job! :-) GOGO
  • sami, LIVE TOUCH should help you.... regards, robert gurk
  • juan, select a fixture, bring parameter to desired level, press "more" hardbutton below right side touch, press "park" ... done ... regards, robert gurk
  • brad, tom, any comments about the current status for hogIII/ artnet?? it's a long time without any information refer this really important theme... regards robert gurk
  • hi, i like toms suggestion. maybe we can start safe and easy with the combination of -press and hold the choose button or touch and hold the cuelist -turn the 4th encoder wheel to the desired value. maybe it sounds too easy. but i don´t …
  • hi, i like the photoshop idea very much. it is very easy to use and foolproof. robert gurk
  • hi bill, just pick the window with the mouse and move it to the screen center. as soon it becomes smaller with frame you can push the cross (x) in the corner. regards robert gurk
  • hi john, you have to check the internal psu. if you measure the power you need appr. 3,25 Volt. you can "pitch" the power at the small screw beside the 4 pin connection cable located in the center of the dp. i assume tom will give you a …
  • hi tom, you are right with compact view dissabled. the aggregation and order is working fine when compact view is off. what i am asking for is to define the fixtureorder right in the patch. the buttons in the fixture window can be able t…
  • Hi Denis, are you talking about the elc dmxlan node4? have you allready used it with WHIII and catalyst? also with Wyg? is it working? robert gurk
    in Full BackUp Comment by GOGO August 2006
  • jason, the bpm is i.e for chases. the bmp rate is shown in the fader window when a chase is assigned to a masters fader. you can also press chose for a chase q-list and change the speed on the left encoder wheel. also there is a learn timing …
  • hi tom, i am doing a festival ( rock im park ) right now and i have the same problems... htp fader delay. not at flashing. but with flasbuttons pressed, same fader at full, release button...BLACK !! also the overall speed is not better than …
    in Playing Back Comment by GOGO June 2006
  • Brad, i know your point of view about timelines... but i am realy impatient and curios about the way, the artnet solution will go. so do we have to buy other products like artistic licence or should we wait for a nice hes/fps "thing". an…
  • there are a lot of reason for using a media server to program led´s. but i agree wit denis that it is not very easy to explain the customer why he should spend more money for a hog III and a catalyst system, if other systems do not need a extra m…
  • Hi, I second this idea !!! robert gurk
  • Hi, Red is used for parked values. or not ? Robert Gurk
  • Hi, looks a littlebit avo- stylish. but very nice. i would prefer this view. robert gurk