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  • Thanks man, I will try it. The programer had fumbled his way through it. We realized that the second fixture was getting stepped on by the first and so on. He had already programmed a bunch of stuff. So, we added a phantom fixture at the end of the …
  • Thanks for the help. I had fat fingered the IP address on the console. All is good in Hippo world.
  • You are correct. I was running the mac cma. Luckily, I have my PC with me. I dusted it off and loaded the new cma and everything is working well. Thanks, Bud
  • Thanks for the help. Everything is good for now. I'll keep you posted.
  • Just noticed it this morning. Only in playback. Reason, LAZY. I have the upgrade ready to go in after this gig. I had a little time to investigate. Seems like it is happening on one cue. When I hit goto 47. This cue is in a list that was copied…
  • Can't say for sure about being in the same place. In reh now. I do remember that it happened twice on the same goto 47 cue. I think I remember it happening another time. I will check when I get a window. Pig+open+backspace did work. I have a monit…