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  • Through a bunch of research it seems my problem may be that my Windows 8.1 is an update and not a full install. I'll wait for my Windows 10 update to see if the problem persists. Hopefully I can avoid a full install. I have way to many programs a…
  • This is certainly for busking style. Usually I fill a screen with virtual playback bars and touch each to connect to main Go and play lists that way. I also use scenes that fire multiple go cuelist macros. I would like to connect some of them t…
  • If only I could assign comment macros to multiple channels, all would be good. Other than that, ehhhh. Not the possibilities I was hoping for. I was trying to mimic through midi the way MA2 does their DMX-IN assignable to different executers. …
  • It seems simple enough, but the layout of the APC-40 doesn't seen to translate well. I can only assign 1 channel to comment macros, not all 8 channels that I can tell. On the APC-40, I would like to assign the faders to "faders" and the button…