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  • :hogsign: OK - now error dissapears! 1. Local menu on the Front panel of DL-3: >SET>PROJECTOR>reset >SET>FIXTURE>FACTORY DEFAULTS>ON 2. Power off. 3. POWER ON. >SET>FIXTURE>FACTORY DEFAULTS>OFF …
  • Thanks a lot for the immediate response! --Self-video doesn't play, untill l manually power proj. On. --I pushed Reset on the backside of the proj., after powering it by separate power cord and turning it on by remote control. Reset was done, …
  • Andre wrote: » Please press and hold the upper and lower button next to the display. This will act as power switch for the internal server. That's realy cool! Thanks a lot!
  • Thanks. The situation is completely clear now. That's why restore couldn't finish properly... And again, thank you for support.
  • OK. but the only thing I need to know - why system restore didn't work? I have 2 DL-3s and no more stock content needed. I only need to restore system - exact what the rescue disk should do... I have completed show - Collage (2 DL-3) + big project…
  • last version of CMA got a brand new column in table - "has sound" Can anybody explain any legal case when clip CAN has sound? Does in mean that now we CAN load soundtracked file trough CMA to AXON Custom folder?
    in sound Comment by alloAlex December 2012
  • it would be the greatest improvement ever!!! Sales of AXON should rise after this most wanted thing. Is the year of this miracle known?
    in sound Comment by alloAlex December 2012