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  • Soooo..... three words... " Oh yeah, duh.." Thanks guys... got it up..
  • Yeah I tried to ping console from iPad on the network using Ping App and got no response. Not sure what the hell is up but with no shows today I can spend more time trouble shooting. Here's a quick snap of touchosc and FB4 settings
  • Im gonna try and reverse the port in and out numbers and ping the console.. good call.. got wrapped up in a show and couldnt keep trouble shooting.. report back..
  • That was weird.. And Im still uncertain what the hell happened..Im just happy that HES was on the phone trouble shooting with me the whole time and once we hit a brickwall, they overnighted another board.. Who else does that shit these days.. Kudos …
  • It wont recognize the console at ALL.. tried to do console restore.. says it doesnt recognize one..
  • Ok so I have the FullBoar 4 (1.1.1 i think) with a super widget and using the 4 DMX outs on back (5 universe totals).. Last night I tried to setup OSC through hognet and was unsuccessful.. So I gave up, when I loaded show today, it loads up on one s…
  • AHH I CANT DO ANYTHING... What did I do? It seems my fixturenet status says its down and I cant even run any cues or move any lights??
  • Ah yeah... IPCB faders. As in intensity position color and beam paramaters.. duh..Yes thank you gentlemen..I was definitely headed in the right path just didn't know how to set it up. Thanks again.