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  • The version is 3.2.1 I believe. I'm not actually sitting in front of the console right now. I was earlier and just made a whole new show and merged and repatched everything. However I would like to recover what was in it. How would I go about sendin…
  • Worked great! Thanks so much. One more quick question. I have never been able to get the path section of the engine to work. I have a problem with a lot of effects where it cycles through but pauses for a second or two and then starts again. Is ther…
  • Does anyone if there is a macro that allows you to record everything that you would in a keystroke macro without the timing? Basically cutting out the time in between "button pushes" when recording creating a macro that would do everything within th…
  • One more question. How do I make an effect off palette? Every time I have tried it leaves one mover still doing an effect. I have never been able to make it work.