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  • I've had other brands of networked consoles lock up when the correct reply isn't received over a period of time. I was on a gig where the scissor lift crushed my FOH ethernet cables and It was much worse than your problems. my thoughts are, can…
  • "You're right and for any details beyond this I would call. I can't help but think I'm not the only one who has these questions or concerns. Under the circumstances though, I was interested in encouraging community feedback." I found this t…
  • Lekolite wrote: Thanks for looking into that, that is exactly what I was seeing. I had not figured out that it must be from a total no power state yet, since once they are up and running, we typically don't futz around with the dmx any more. …
  • Jon - double check your UPS. how old is it? was it fully charged when you experienced your console re-set? if you unplug the UPS from your power does it hold the console, or immediately turn off? if you plug a 575W s4 fixture into it, how long d…
  • Hi Marty, yes it's helpful. this is a bummer because I've spent quality time with our axons and my lil darlins are rarin to get busy. many thanks, Tim O
  • Heya Marty & Cormac, thanks for your posts. I know I've seen mapping engines that work with the soft-led curtains, and I was hoping there was a box for something similar. I have a gig coming up that I'd love to use my axons on, probably 150 or…
  • very interesting thread. question: if I need to use the James thomas Engineering Pixeline battens instead of versa tubes, could I use the VersaDrive d2, or is there another box that would do the same thing? peace, Tim Olson
  • Scott: does axon allow keystone correction for each layer, like Catalyst does? peace, Tim Olson