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  • I think i remember reading that awhile back now that you mention it. Which sucks, because thats what i've been doing, but the point of a media server is so i dont have to go and re-render content when i want it to do something different. lol
  • Joe Bleasdale wrote: » Just a quicky Marty... What's the largest DL3 collage you have tried in the field? I know the largest possible is 64x64, but what have you tried? Thanks, I know you didn't ask me, but I have successfully done 9 wide x…
  • I have the demo of deep exploration, and if i ever have time i'll play with it some. I use sketchup alot for creating stuff which i can't within wyg, but i'm always looking for another avenue.
  • Thanks Matt, that program is perfect for what I am doing. It's like a ghetto 3DSmax program, with the exact feature set i'm after.
  • you can control it with anything that will spit out DMX. The only control a DL1 needs is quite simple anyway, movement, iris, focus, zoom, and control channel (there may be an mspeed parameter in there too)
  • Yeah, getting the object i'm all over, And i forgot with using sketchup I can get it in all sorts of differenet formats, it's just getting that into the directX format. I downloaded Deep exploration and am going to see if the trial will give m…
  • I may have to declare war on HES
  • I'll sit patiently and wait. But if i'm disappointed i'll TSO roll you to death
  • that pretty much answered it I figured the enhanced collage, and segmented wouldn't be able to share the same content. Should the edge blend adjustment be the same for both modes? I'm only doing a 3x1 currently with a standard collage, but…
  • c_muenchow wrote: » The connectivity driver will be installable on Windows 64-bit in our next release (v3.0.2). Yeah!!!!! this was severly pissing me off last week, as my Wyg computer is XP 64:)
  • My first thought was that it was a view issue, ala the old days of the III My first course of action was to turn off show pallettes, Second was to close ALL views and delete the 2 i had saved issue was still there. It was the worst when i …
  • yeah, i have 2 of them, just didnt grab them for this show. and it would have been a bit of a pain because for preview of the servers i'm going into a 20" monitor with a quad split
  • I have several Axons FOH but I actually Ran out of Monitors on this show LOL so i dont have anything to hook to the output for the cma
  • SBlair wrote: Sandals, Are you using the Mac or Win CMA? The WinCMA does just what you are asking for by default when cloning. It only clones the changed files. When cloning with the MacCMA it goes through and does a complete clone of eve…
  • I personally still feel that for something such as powerpoint S-video will not be an acceptable solution. If worried about keystoning etc I would get an external unti that allows that (screenshaper,imageanywhere etc) and use that. Shoot some video…
  • I would just interject instead of using S-video which isn't that great of a signal i'd simply go with VGA or RGBHV In your situation i would simply go VGA direct in. Your computer should have it as the output, if not simply use an inexpensive DVI…
  • yes, thats exactly what i'm doing, DVI-> vga adapters at the console and running VGA to the monitors, both monitors will take either a DVI or VGA input, but i was going VGA to hopefully bypas the issue
  • Both Monitors are being run VGA via DVI->VGA adapter (have tried 3 different kinds) in the end though, thats not a good excuse when there are DVI ports native on the console.
  • ok, glad i'm not the only one with the ipc
  • i'll second the request
  • why go to cue only because of conventionals? The obsession which was designes as a conventional control console uses cuelist tracking. You should want tracking on in your cuelists anyway, will save you alot of headaches
  • my only problem was that with other faders below 100% they were also flashing, albeit not as fast as an inhibitive, but still flashing. Maybe it's just me falling back onto the etc ways I had grow soo accustomed too
  • mmm thats good to know (I was on an ipc when that was bugging me) So then in theory it should be as simple as a code change
  • I knew you were going to say something about that, but having them all up or all down doesn't doo me much good, I can always have a comment macro fire them all if I wanted to do that Glad to hear this has already come up.... I dont need it often…
  • Good idea, but I'm having to do alot of balancing between cameras, surprise speakers etc (these folks aren't organized) And not even this show, but any where I have a bunch of conventionals, sometimes it's be nice to have a speaker or set look ju…
  • To add..... Yes I know all about virtual cuelists etc, etc, etc, been using them forever, but I need to be able to vary the intensity, i.e. need a fader
  • Just to add, the Accutouch 17" works great. The Accutouch 19", 12" and 15" models all do not, I have tried this first hand.
  • Funny as it is, I actually lit the crestron booth last fall. And just for fun (yeah we were bored) we set it up so we could control the Hog II from one of the Crestron control systems (via Midi) So yes, it can be controlled, I can't tell you th…