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  • Ah...there is no onboard visualizer with the hog program. You can get basic colour/intensity information from the plot views, but no positions/3d rendering The visualizer check box only enables a data stream for the relevant third party visualisers
  • You'll need to supply a bit more info. Are you trying to connect to a visualiser on the same PC as the Hog 4 instance? What's your network setup? To get to plot view, hold "Open" and it will bring up a series of soft buttons at the bottom of the sc…
  • I also encountered this behaviour with A Fullboar4 and 2 blue DP8000's As David mentioned above using a install USB fo rthe DP's resolved this error
  • I've been seeing that behaviour for quite sometime now
  • Oh right - I wasn't aware of that Feels a bit clunky that the new fixtures don't replace the exisiting fixture IDs - meaning that groups need to be re-recorded...
  • +1 Same goes for custom function labels
  • I can't see your images, but it sounds like the same issue I've been seeing for a few years now https://forums.highend.com/index.php?p=/discussion/18170/fixture-builder-bug-yellow#latest The advice in the linked post is to add a fixture into the sh…
  • I would usually create a chase on another master and trigger it from the main master with a comment macro GL(list number). YOu could still adjust the fade times and playback speeds from the enconder Depending on your fixture types, you could easily…
  • I have also seen this behaviour on previous software versions, but have not ever been able to consistently reproduce it
  • I have occasionally (2 or 3 times) had to reseat the ribbon cable connecting the widget inside my Nano Hog. Maybe have a look at that?
  • To send MIDI over ethernet I use a pair LiteLink MIDI-1001, one at each end of the core. These convert the MIDI signal so that it will travel over a decent distance over ethernet and with low latency. The only caveat here is that it won't send MIDI …
  • Thanks Nathan, I can confirm that work around did in fact work
  • Thanks Foon. I've come across this issue again today at home and having some time to look further into it I'm able to give more details. I merged from Sharpy washes to Robin 600 Wash M3, but in the process color wheel information has been added to s…
  • Unless you were running into issues with the actual artnet output, which many people myself included have used succesfully for quite some time with Hog4PC, I would say the problem lies within Wireshark
  • I have also seen this behaviour
  • @MLorenz I think it definitely has something to do with those parameters. I have been using the same methods that I have for years now and have only come across this issue in the latest software build and it seems inconsistent as to when it occurs W…
  • @ ShrunkenNed My apple USB-Ethernet adapter stopped working with Windows 10 (surface Pro3 at the time), I found some drivers that let me see the adapter but would give me any output. In the end I got a Microsoft USB-Ethernet adapter which has worked…
  • Yeah I had been given the Cues a name of "." as a workaround, but thought it was worth mentioning the bug in case it had gone unreported
  • I should mention my syntax to attempt to empty the name field: Select Cue Name, "Set", "Backspace arrow" (on Nano Wing), "Enter" I have been using this syntax successfully for a number of years now, usually to blank out the name field of Follow Cues
  • From Michael: " I am able to see the problem in your show and can recreate it in a new show. The problem is uninitialized Intensity values are applying the incorrect fade time when initialized in a tracking list for the first time. I h…
  • Michael, I've emailed you the showfile I'm currently working on, listing some of the cues where this behaviour can be spotted Thanks Gordo
  • Hi Chris I don't make use of any Mark Cues, but do hard program in all my movements in black
  • Probably related, I've discovered a IFCB fader with an intensity chase as the only cue snap's to a base intensity of full when fading up from 0 Looks like it uses the correct 0% intensity base at around 70% fader, also fades out correctly with the f…
  • Hi Mitch It's not restricted to one fixture type, in the current showfile I'm looking at there are Auras, Vipers and B-eye K10's which are all displaying the same behaviour but not necessarily in the same cues All the same fixture types display this…
  • FWIW, I'm also running a Nano Hog on both a Surface Pro 3 and Asus on Windows 10 and have not encountered an issues with the wing or inbuilt widget
  • I always go into the display settings on the Surface Pro and the select make Text and Other Items larger, then set that to max, logout then launch HogPC Gordo
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  • I've also noticed similar behaviour for a while now: I usually have Fader 5 with my key lights, set to Go when off 0 and release on 0 - When the fader is brought back down to 0, it outputs at 64% at 1 or 2% it releases as intended. This has happened…
  • +1!
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  • Hi Chris, I emailed support a couple of months ago with the same issue on V2.7.0. I had time to narrow down the issue and give a repro, but have no had any reply Any word on this? Gordo
  • Yeah, I couldn't actually remember which on it was without a 'real' keyboard in front on me
  • Thanks Ned, that's precisely what I was after! Thanks for your reply sinclair, but I was after a solution for using the Surface (only) as a remote, plugging in a usb keyboard for such purposes wouldn't be terribly convenient.
  • I've been running Hog4PC on my Surface Pro 3 with Nano hog for about a month now, and it's great! I've got the i5-4300U 1.90 GHz with 256Gb SSD and 8Gb Ram model. A few weeks ago I had a show with 3 full universes of fixtures with no noticeable l…
  • How do you have the 2 "consoles" networked? Make sure you have plugged into the hog net output and not the fixture link If both the computer and the console are in the same IP address range, simply log on to your show on the FB, allow it to bo…
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  • I haven't played with midi on XP, but it's fairly straight forward on 7 and 8 - Do you definitely have the midi drivers installed? - Are you using a midi intertface or usb direct to the computer?
  • Thanks Chris, I will look further into this when i get some spare time and report back!
  • Thanks! That is a big help. Unfortunately, DL3's are not an option, as no one owns them in Australia (as far as I'm aware). I worked on a production a few years ago, that shipped their DL3's from the US with their backline Thanks again!
  • Thanks Chris
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  • ok, this is still driving me crazy I've managed to track down the key to reproducing one of these issues. If i hold down the flash button on fader 10 while changing pages, when that list is triggered 2 songs later via comment macro the intensity…
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  • ok...so I've come up with some work arounds, which "seem" to be kinda working, but are far from ideal I still can't get to the bottom of why lists are releasing when triggering cues from the main list without "release on next go" being enabled on…
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