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  • Thanks chris! I actually was able to get an original mini controller for the dataflash... Got a sweet deal on eBay! Controller plus 5 strobes with reflectors, mounting clamps and data cables for each for 650 shipped!!
  • how do you do that and where do you get the parts?
  • I'm wondering if this has something to do with MSpeed? like, is the fixture somehow mapping mspeed value of 100% (0.15 sec) to tilt and applying manually adjusted fade time to the tilt?
  • I have this same exact problem. I use a Martin Freekie. ch 1 does nothing. ch 2 and 3 do pan and tilt. ch 4 does color. 5 does gobo. 6 and 7 do shutter and intensity. I've nicknamed channel 8 as "wakey-wakey" because unless I fiddle with it f…
  • SBlair wrote: » BPM, The problem is that 95%+ of those bar/club owners really know nothing about the products they are buying and buy purely on price. Competiting against the low quality Chinese knock-offs on price just isn't practical. Tot…
  • cool. i just snagged an "ex" on ebay. does anyone know how successful I'm gonna be manipulating this thing with a Martin Freekie controller?