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  • Anders......... try looking at the Sony UX series....... a handheld PC (with windows xp not mobile) May do the trick for you.
    in Roadhog Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • the example you've given there sami is what WOULD happen it you were to use some sort of A fanning effect of your fixtures in your effect. The Example I was giving is what you wanted to happen when you mentioned "Think about this with a wall of …
    in Group FX Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • What we mean Sami is. Say you have a led wall of 25 LED units. Row 1 - LED 01 - LED 02 - LED 03 - LED 04 - LED 05 Row 2 - LED 06 - LED 07 - LED 08 - LED 09 - LED 10 Row 3 - LED 11 - LED 12 - LED 13 - LED 14 - LED 15 Row 4 - LED 16 - LED 17 - LE…
    in Group FX Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Again Sami........ How would the console know which fixtures to use. and to do you LED wall idea couldn;t depend ion fixture selection as the lights would be out of order at times. I think for this sort of effect you would be best with a syst…
    in Group FX Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Ross in reference to the Playback priority you may want to have a look at this thread.
  • Wait........ Just realised this wouldn;t work at the Expansion wing does not have colour screens. Oops Kris.
    in split pages Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • This is sort of going back to the colour thread we have also...... But what about being able to assign a colour to different pages then from that the choose buttons (on screen) would show the colour of the page were looking at. Kris.
    in split pages Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Hillbilly....... Check out this thread, see if it helps at all
  • Nice one tom I noticed earlier on today that i;m not able to use make the [_] on the current release of the software using an extarnal keyboard. But I think this has already been mentioned in the forums. Kris.
  • Thanks Marty........ I just thought all views were non-Additive. So all of my views have the group, colour, beam and posistion in them at the backround so when i close the windows infront of tyhem, they come back. Kris.
    in split pages Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Thanks Marty........ I didnt know that. Kris.
  • Yeah, the . + works for me. To apply the defaults, how about using the actual fixture defaults but then having the abbility to use your own pallet and make it the defualts for this function. A bit like the HighLight ad LowLight pallets. Of is…
  • Speaking of the internal keyboard......... When i've had to use it, it;s a bit of a hassle having to press caps then the letter then caps again to enter a capital letter. How about a shift button, that you press once and it stays down untill you…
  • When playing bac the CueList however........ Make sure to have the fader of that master up at full otherwise all you will have is the movement running and you would not see the light at full intensity. kris.
  • Additive Views??????? I didn;t know about these........... How do you mae use of this function??? At the moment i've just made sure to redord every window I'll need for each view. Kris.
    in split pages Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • What thread was this in??? Kris.
    in effects!! Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • I like the idea of the play controls bar............. We could have: -Forward -Reverse -Bounce -Random I do know that this is all to do with fixture selection order, and don;t really know the best way this could be implemented. But it's a n…
    in effects!! Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • It would have to be the 2nd Encoder wheel for use on the iPC/Wing cos the rate would be on the 1st wheel. Kris.
  • How about [pig] + [.] Bringing all selected fixtures to all their defualt values??? Thats if [pig] + [.] isn't already being used Kris.
  • yeah, This would be a nice one to have. Takes me back to the days when I used the Strand 599 series........ CUE 0 GO - was always a blackour cue with all the lights going to their home values lol Kris.
  • Marty Postma wrote: It does Kris, but if it were an option that we could turn on and off I could see why that might help some users. Personally I just use differnt views if I have that many palletes....and now that the views work much better in…
  • I'm not sure if somebody actually mentioned this already or not, cos I kinda got lost half way down there. But what if when we were adding fixtures with Color Wheels/Scrollers, we could tell the console what colours were in each posistion on the …
  • Good to see you've got it working :P Kris.
    in DMX issue Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • I like the Idea of the Zoom function........ As Anders said..... we don;t need the buttons to be that big. Would the pallets per page thing work??? Because everybody displays there pallets differently, Like some will have a full page for Beam …
    in Plot vue Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Yeah Sami...... Thats a sort of good Idea. Say I have 2 fixture types in my show. Lets say Mac 500 and Mac600. Mac 500 only has colour slots where as the 600 has CMY So i'd have for the 500 8 pallets for each wheel and for the 600 i'd have…
  • I use capture on my laptop with Hog 3PC........ They both work fine together and don't seem to use up too much memory. As i'm still using the demo version at the moment Capture closes down after a few hours and I have to start again from scratch…
    in Visualizer. Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • yeah same here guys.......... What wonderfull support we get. We all know the Hog3 would not be what it it without these forums. Thanks guys
    in Very nice! Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • and yet still keeping al the origional pallets for the existing cues/chases etc etc. yeah, I see how this could be usefull. Maybe only once/twice per show......... but the idea's good. Kris.
    in Full Copy Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Yeah I see how that works anders..... but what about when we go into rainbow pallets where every light is a different colour??? I'm not against the idea at all..... inface i really like it......... just trying to bring what could be problems out …
  • DL.2's and Axon i'm not to sure about......... However if this does work...... I'll be hoping to see photos of the event. Kris.
  • The only problem I can see with that is, what if you're recording a pallet with more then one color i.e. Odd lights red Even lights Blue How do you color that pallet??? Kris.
  • Nice drawing there marty. Why don't the lovely people at HES comission a company to make a balun that has an s-video in and one out that go straight into 1 cat5 cable. That way going to each DL.2 we'd just need 2 x Cat5 (with 1 balun) and powe…
  • I was just thinking as well......... If the DVD payer function was added to the Axons, how do we then add it to the DL.2's with them having no disk drive. And I don't see the signal being sent to them through ethernet fron the CMA live Howev…
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g March 2007
  • Yeah I guessed that one :P thanks for the tips Kris.
  • Ta Marco.......... Didn't know that one Kris.
  • kool thanks Tom. Kris.
  • Ah right....... Not having used the Expansion wing i've seen how it;s setup goes. Good to know it's been made nice and simple for us Lampies Thanks Chris Ah yeas........ RTFM makes sence........ Always wondered about that wee book..... …
  • I wouldn't know :P (hoping it stays that way )
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • Yeah, that makes a lot of sence Scott....... Hadn;t really thought about that. Good thing some of us have our heads screwed on I guess. And we all like High End and don;t want you getting sued. 3rd party, thats the way to go guys Kris.
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • Personally when it comes to being handed a DVD full of content for a show I've always just riped it on to my computer and then added it to the content on my catalyst. I know it is a slightly long and lenghty process....... But I feel I get the be…
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • Thanks tom.......... Good to know before I go ahead with the process. I would never use it for show conditions as I am very happy with the way I have it running on the PC. But it would be good for those idle moments on the plane/cafe/etc etc …
  • I'd be intrerested to doing that...... Just didn't know you could. Can you run Hog3 form the mac however??? The only time i'd ever need both then is showtime when I use the mac for catalyst preview and the laptop as a RFU. Any Ideas/Advice/I…
  • Sweet :P Thanks man...... Might do this. Bought a new laptop due to arrive in a few days time. Also bought Windows Vista Ultamate to install onto it. But having the partition with XP would save me carrying 3 computers about with me (3rd bein…
  • How do you make the partiton on your hard disk to be able to do that??? Kris.
  • Think about that one Frank......... If you were doing a show and wanted to play back a .mov file with the audio too through your DL.2's You would set you desk to: Folder - 254 File - 002 Then it would not play throught your DL.2's, you woul…
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • I do agree it would be a great feature to have, I have used it on the catalyst too and it's great for those corporate events that I seem to be spending most of my time on. I just think that because HES are wanting to keep both the DL.2 and the A…
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • It wouldn;t really be practial to add audio to the Axon. Remember the purpose behind the axon is to intgrate with rigs using the DL2's Everythings about both fixtures is exactly the same only the Axon does not include the motion section (Pan, tilt,…
    in Audio Comment by Kris.g February 2007
  • Yes......... When recording Cues, you can adjust the time in which the console fades the pan and tilt. Not having the console right on front of me I can't tell you how to do it for just the pan and tilt. However, If you double click the Cue L…
  • If you are using the groups to select fixtures then make sure that Guard is not pressed. Kris.