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  • Urgent! Want to ask that have the fan outlet A low message. If the fan didn't rotate when check it. Is it possible for the fan error or the PCB for the fan? And what is the voltage for the fan? Thanks a lot.
  • Hi Mehrzaid, Actually that the Head board still can work because when I move the head by hand and the head board will function again and do the home reset. However when I use moving effect. The head board will shut down again. That is tricky a…
  • Hi Cat, Thanks your help! If after install the new touch panel and the touch panel still can't work, I will send to High End Systems. Regards, Marco
  • Hi Cat, I am afraid that I can't send the console to repair in short time. Because we have many performance that need the console. Please can you tell me some method to detect the problem is from the touch panel or other PCB problem. Then mayb…
  • Hi Matt, As you mentioned the beta version for DL2. Therefore where can I download it and what is this version of software. Thanks. Regards, Marco
  • Hi Matt, The version is running on the DL.2. Last time I replaced the filter and then upgrade the software. Then the filter warning message appeared. I tried to switched off the preview but the message stilll appeared. Thanks your …
  • Hi Matt, I had a case that after the filter replacement. The filter life out warning message still apear. How can I erase it? Because it bother to my customer. Thanks a lot. Regards, Marco
  • Thanks all your help. I will try those method first and let you know about the result. Thanks! Marco
    in DL1 question Comment by fkm May 2006
  • Hi Cat West, thanks your help! I still have one problem. My DL1 will shut down the projector lamp during the show. I checked it after and found a meesage on it. "Filter Failed, Change Filter Now..." However I just replaced the hepa filter few…
    in DL1 question Comment by fkm May 2006