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  • Yes, C_Muenshow i get the thumbs. Got it working with Catalyst and Mbox.:D Still fighting with DL3. But i can see him in CMA and i have a router in middle, funny is that i can control a dl2 in art-net but this dl3 is being hard to manage. I …
  • Today i get it. I go to the Patch Media, Catalyst Patch and put the IP address of the catalyst. Then i get a square in CITP Patch with the Catalyst i found. And, then i have to do the Catalyst Step again so the thumbnails begins to upload. T…
  • Yes, its selected.
  • i didn' have yet time to trie the external cd drive. but now i have more problems with other DL2. One don,t let me put any file inside or take the ones that i put and give-me this message: did not respond to the request for information. If th…
  • i do the re-image with a double usb disk drive and use directly the other free usb port to the keyboard. i will trie to get an externally powered USB optical disk drive and then try again. the software is the latest to all, only this one have the …
  • re-image via external drive. i was able to update by cma but the xpe is 2.00 but i was the other four with xpe 2.5.0
  • I tried that and the board of other showgun works fine. but the new board don't work, i guess its realy the board that is broken. the strange is that the two boards came new. Thank You
  • My Bad, the problem was the cable that gives power to the card that converts the vga signal into compound that was not properly connected. Sorry and thank you
  • I test it with DMX and everything is working but the imagens instead going to projector is going to the lcd. I'm thinking that the problem is that both signals, menu and projector output, are being sended to the lcd tru the s-video port. can this b…
  • Yes. I can see the fixture and i can control it with CMA. I put the test pattern on, and it appear in lcd instead on projector and sometimes appears a presentation of some videos from 'digigobos', also in lcd. But the menu don't.
  • I've checked several times. the high end simbol appears in the computer start and the lettering normal. but the menu don't appear.
  • The packagge came from HE, the motherboard came with RAM and CPU, and like i said before also get new videos cards. And power suply also came new ones. I do the re-image and the axon works OK. when i trie to update using the .axo file is when i get…
  • It was original a 76CA***** prefix model: Motherboard Intel D915GUXLK Graphic ATI X1900XTX And i've already re-image the new hardware 2 times and try, without sucess re-image to an older image (2.1.0).
  • But the Full Boar worked, and up to version 3.1.5 I always got with that file. But maybe it was my luck I will now try to msi file. Thank you.:D
  • No, im using the file ''gut _3.1.8_(Build_2901).fpspkg'' and doing the update in control panel. Can that be the reason? Normaly that work. (Until the version 3.1.5 at least):o I will tri with the .msi file. Thanks
  • i'm using the file - console software update v 3.1.8. and doing the update via control panel i,ve tried the 3.1.6 and the 3.1.7 and it didn't work as well. i tried with usb and external cd drive. ''You should be using the Hog-3PC installer for R…
  • we recently buy three upgrade packages to our axon and high end send us two 4800 and one 4850 and the 4850 got one dvi, one vga and one hdmi and the cma don´t appears as well
  • could you send me some feedback when that happens Thank you
  • can somebody tell any more information about this new fixture. Where looking to adquire some new spots and where especting news from high end about a year ago. if anybody could help i aprecciate
  • its a direct line, from the upload dongle to the showguns. i've tried conecting 3 and just one
  • yes i´m using the version of echo. I only have the upload dongle. The program detect the fixtures but when i trie to update them gives-me the error. Bruno Fx