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  • I give up, tommorow i'll drive my console to my local dealer. br grega
  • Anything new what is going on or it is something wrong with my consle ? br grega
  • Fixtures are patched correctly, blind button is inactive. I have downgraded to 3.0.2. and everything is ok for now. But as I mentioned I am affraid when I will lose DMX again. I have just uploaded the show wich i am running right now. br grega
  • Please send me email address for show file... br gregor
  • Thank you Chris, The console boots up three times faster. What can we do about loosing dmx output and regarding new software revision? Br Gregor
  • Dear Michael, I tried to set settings for network but no results. Console take about 13 minutes to load to logon screen. Loading time extended with ver. 3.0. Is there any date when new version will be released. My boss is getting pretty nervous r…
  • Ok I will try with changing Ip settings, but killing and restaring dp8k doesn't help. I have allready tried that. Br Grega
  • Dear HES, I have quite big show to run in two days. What should I do with my console, because I can not be shure in it ! Br Grega
  • When the console is loading up everything seems to be normal, but just before it shows the logon screen it stops with two blank screen and just cursour on one. It stays there about 5 min and then the logon screen appears. Br Grega
  • Hello Eric, I am using Road Hog Full Boar console and software 3.0.0 (2417), wich is only version I can found on you support page. Where I can get 3.0.1 ? Br Gregor