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  • Hi Roland, it works as expected on our RH4 in the demoroom. Cheers, Ruediger
  • Hello, there is the 17-ch version available on the Library Downloader-page here: Cheers, Ruediger
  • Hello, there is the 17-ch version available on the Library Downloader here: Ruediger
  • Hello Doller, there are too less Wholehog consoles and that is why we are actively selling them... But, don`t let this thread go in a stupid disscussion. Most of the key operators are running Wholehog consoles including RoadHog FullBoar and I…
  • We can be found here. Arcus Licht- und Präsentationstechnik GmbH Halle 9.0 Booth B 74/76 See you there from wednesday, 28th March until saturday, 31st March 2007. Ruediger HES
  • Dear Andy, I worked last week with the WDR TV-station (Cologne) at the "Leverkusener Jazztage" using 6*DL.2 in the set. Together with the CameraCrew we feeded the DL.2 camera signal through a Folsom Scan Converter to the broadcast system ot the WD…
  • Hello, I just stepped through your issue with the Emulator. Sorry, I don't have a german language Manual, BUT I can offer a german translation of the HES Universal Controller, which at least gives good descriptions of functionality. This migh…
  • Hello Daniel, I can confirm Robert's statement based on programming experience with StudioSpot, Technobeam and XSpot Series like we have. Hysteresis of the steppermotor is one topic to regard. Please see the attached PDF-File which describes …
  • Hello, we have installed some USB Extenders from KVM, e.g. for a WHIII Playback Wing connected to a WHIII-console over a distance of 70m. Runs without any problems. See at