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  • Yes Windows but I remember it also happened on the RoadHog
  • Thanks for clarifying that.
  • That's why they are fairly cheap and a lot of them on the used market, network capable but no external screen and old stuff inside.
  • v3.5.1 (b 1310), it does the same on the Road Hog as Hog¤PC. Should I report it somewhere or is this post enough?
  • There's now a new manual, is there something in the works? The function channel 18 has a button that is labelled unused (value 103) (eg. in the K20 pers. that also needs work) is for pixelmode (value 103-105) that's immediate the other modes just ne…
  • Yes I had a Resolume Arena 4 over Art-Net DP4, no broadcast (1:3)(, fixtures on 1 and 3, (a pangolin, user made, patched on 2, dmx, but not used)
  • Is the LED indicating that it got power? Externatl cabling? You could try to detect the touchscreens? In Launcher - Touchscreens - Detect Touchscreens. Internal cabling?
  • Like always, I usually make it happen when I'm on a show. I've tried at home but unsuccesfully.
  • Yes, logs are there. Playback, it was during show..
  • Jepp, fixture editor and fixture shedule open at the same time, adding a fixture and press ok does it for me. The tapping issue is more random, not really sure how I do it yet, but I manage to do ut again.
  • Well you could say that the problem lies within the dimmer. But I've bought a dmx decelerator from doug fleenor design. When I put it in between the dongle and dimmer, it says DMX OK and when I change intensity the dimmer follows like it should. …
  • I stumbled across the same problem a couple of days ago. The dimmer didn't recognize the dmx signal. Tried to lower the DMX refresh rate, didn't help. Tried connect direct and with a buffer, no luck. We solved temporary, with two desks, added …
    in PC hog 3.2.6 Comment by nissse July 2013
  • Ok a miss understanding from my side. I thought you said that it just wasn't ok when it just overrided the hardware faders.
  • Thank's Chris, but it can't be ok that the virtual faders jump up to full even if the miniwing isn't connected?
  • I replicated the problem today. It doesn't matter if a cuelist is active, released or a fader is up. I can click anything like "use blue desklight" and the fader levels go up, but the grand master isn't affected. I can click apply or ok.
  • Yes I okay'd the preferences and all faders when't to full. There where only intensity on the faders. Nothing else where affected what I could remember. No HTP. When I touched the faders it when't down again.
  • Sorry to poke around in this old thread. My mini usb programing freezed some times, buttons stopped responding. I had to disconnect the usb and reconnect it and it worked. I found this thread and ordered the Molex USB. I had to cut the back open…