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  • From what I read on this forum is: that you cannot make an effect for one fixture and record for all fixtures even though they are the same type?
  • When is this going to be released?
  • Is there a way of adjusting the rate on the fader. I know the way with the choose button.....
    in Effect Rate Comment by lainer3 June 2013
  • use the symbols that vectorworks gives? When I export, which option do I use and what view do I use to export for my space that is draft? Is there tutorials that I could watch to see how to use light converse with hooking the console up with it?
  • Got it. Thanks guys. I was confused a bit. I talked with Paul and he helped me with some stuff. Thanks all for the help, L3
  • I didn't see it pop up when I put my flash drive in? What could I be doing wrong
  • The filename: platinum_spot_led_pro.hog3lib.tar.gz Mentioning the library folder is that in the show itself and it will add? When I had the file on my flash drive it didn't come up. I'm used to the HOG iPc where I would have to click out of ev…
  • What is the file type suppose to be. It's not picking the library off of my flash drive if I'm suppose to be able to add it through the fixture schedule. I'm trying to add elation led spot pro single fixture to the library
  • Waiting to find out when the HOG 4 software and visualizer is going to be released? Would be great to get the visualizer setup before the console comes in.
  • I am using Hog iPc. (Isn't the Roadhog have the same software as the iPc) The newest software The library profile v4 RGBAW is there a new library that is out with it the correct way.