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  • Is the PC outputting DMX? I had the same issue and was told that if it is not actively outputting DMX you will not see anything.
  • I'll try the global setting tomorrow, I didn't think to try removing as global.
  • You can put a look and a fader and use live suck to grab the values from it but they will not 'jump' into a cue. There might be a better way to do timings than this but here is my take on it. Pop into blind, make the changes and then hit time X. …
  • I had a ballet show out during the winter that I had this issue with. We always used the venues FOH fixtures and sometimes their cyc and booms as well. The show was programed with amber, blue and lav cyc lights for the for arguments sake these were…
  • It would get a little tricky. Cheaper rental houses might send out desks that are a version behind on software and then do I as the end user have to pay to upgrade it myself? Do I then own it? DO I have to delete from the desk after the show is over…
  • My bad, for some reason I read the post as if you wanted to copy cues. When I try to move a range of cues the command line turns red after I hit the move button.
  • You do not need to include the upper range in after the copy command. For example cue X through Y copy to Z. The board will figure out the upper number for you.
  • Grab the fixture and set the control channel to idle then update the cue.
  • I have read about these custom wheelsets but I cant find much about them in the manual. Other than playing around with them does any documentation exists?
  • Are you using them in 1, 3 or 4 channel mode? I don't have any on hand to test this with but if you have them in 3 channel mode with channels 2 and three at a DMX value of zero it will flash once with a change of intensity. Sounds like what you are …
  • Bummer - Well at least I am not going crazy or going something wrong. Thanks