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  • I finally had time to update my console to 3.1.9 and same show freezing happens when i try to run moved cuelist which has comment macro. Thanks for the tip Steve.
  • I Finally located our problem source and it was Mac 700s "studio mode" setting. But it would be nice to found out that is it heat, Mac 700 software/hardware or library what is causing this error when fixture is in extended mode and studio mode has…
  • I`ll have to try a factory reset as soon as i get back to Finland. But thanks for your help Marty and Ronnie! ______ ottot
  • Hi Marty, I have tried "Check Integrity" and im quite sure this is not programming based issue. I tried to create a new show, patched few Mac 700s and problem were still there. After that, i did unpatch whole DP and replaced one fixture with de…
  • All our fixtures are in extended mode. I tried to reinstall 3.1.7 image without any luck. But after i created a clean show with my laptop and merged just Mac 700 lib to our current show file problem did disappear. But today just before show sam…
  • I have a similar problem with my Hog3. For this problem, console were in service few days and only thing that service technican found out were that the PSU did output just 13v instead of 13,7v. For a week it was ok, but this weekend it died again. …