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  • What about as a wing on HOG3 consoles?
    in Nano Comment by RockShow May 2013
  • So you are saying the launch pad will work as a midi input device via USB into the new consoles? Or will it still need to run through the midi inputs?
  • Cool Thats all I needed to know... Thanks
  • No worries dude. I understand. Its just that the 2 desks I use the most on all my smaller rock tours are the Hog 1k and Hog 2 cause you can always find one where you need it.. Thanks for the link to the builder. I have made one now so I just…
  • So all the people who have asked for library files in this particular forum havent got them then?? Awesome. It seems like people have had a more helpful response than that. Cheers
  • How do you guys find plotting the chromabanks?? I've got 3 hours between but in and show to plot 18 songs for a rock and roll band?? Are the inbuilt effects easy/decent enough to use?? Just wondering if anyone had any experience... Cheers
  • Cool as. I really should have just :rtfm:..... Sorry for the stupid question but thanks for the help.... You guys are legends. . . . By the way I have a fixture library made for the proshop LED and i think steve is making another on…