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  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I read that in the MSDS but the word "primarily" made me wonder.
  • Mika_Aus wrote: The software is quiet stable it just doenst have the drivers for the external hardware. I have been running vista 64 on both my new touchsmart and my tablewt pc that I have had for a while. One thing I would like to know is how are…
  • ericthegeek wrote: Make sure they're running a 32 bit version of vista. The USB drivers will not work on Vista64. 3PC itself is reported to work on 64, but it's not officially supported When I tried to install on 64-bit, I got an error messa…
  • Is the new version designed to run on 64-bit Vista? Does it run on 64-bit?
  • Do you have any more info on exactly what this bug does to the SDI signal. Is it always jittery...Does it sometimes not work at all...Does it sometimes just display an image capture? We are trying to resolve a problem and this might explain ou…
  • I have since bought the computer with 64-bit Vista. As soon as I launch the CMA, it crashes every time. According to the Vista notification, the program stopped running. Here are the details: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRA…