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  • I just installed Hog4PC on my Computer, that is running Hog3PC with one Programming, 2 Playback Wings and 4 Widget. All the Widgets have been found, but sometimes there is only one Playback. And then 2 Playbacks when I restart the application, but …
  • osx 10.6.8 Parallels 5 win xp hog3 is running fine
  • mine is not running at all. i can start a show, but then it freezes at launching the desktop process. any suggestions?
  • Hans B wrote: » and eh...what have they seen? a grandMA2 light with some extras...?
  • I just visited the HES website and discovered the new widgets. What happened to the blue? Is Hog going black? Is the new design a indication that Hog 4 will be released soon?
  • I haven't come across any changes since last year. As Brad said in 2010 "sometime next year"... So let's talk about it next year or the year after;-)
  • Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. Ich know that I can make any fader a crossfader for the cuelist that is assigned to it. But this is not the feature I am missing. What I want is one fader that can be a crossfader for any cuelist. Like the Gran…
  • A manual crossfader, like the GrandMAs, is one of the features I am missing the most. It was there in Hog2. Why was it removed?
  • Also nice would be to highlight the active view. And talking about highlight: GrandMA2 highlights the screen above the fader if you touch it. I know it's a different fader, but would it be possible to highlight the cuelist above the fader if the…
  • "Cue only" is working fine so far. But what if I have 200 lights, and I want only one to turn white and the rest to stay red? Do I have to program a chase with 200 steps or is there another way to give it more of a random look. Just like if you…
  • Hi, I am trying to connect my Macbook to another console via Airport. I use bridged network and I can connect to the network show. But after launching the playback and desktop process nothing else is happening. The start-window just freezes. …
  • Hi Guys, I would appreciate a change very much. In this case, I changed changed the page, because colours were on another But as the song finished I wanted the Stagelook to be same as in the break; stopping the Matrix-Effect on the Pars, but rel…
  • Is there any recent development of that issue. It would be really nice to freeze a current stagelook with just one button.
  • Hi Guys, I cannot confirm your posts that the fixture builder works better on H3PC. Most times I tried to open it, it crashed. Except, it was the first thing I did after launching the program. Oliver
  • Hi Paul, i was running the fixtures on a Hog3PC-System v. 2.6 with two DMX Widgets. Each fixture was patched as one Standard Showpix and two Image Showpix. All default values as you posted. Next time I´ll try to select a "lens", but as I told in…
  • You need to check if your mouse driver is installed correctly. Or maybe you have to play around with your mouse-settings in the parallels "toolbox". Try to disable these settings and see what happens. but i recommend to launch xp via bootcamp.