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  • Nice. In November there will be an preview of the Hog4 in Utrecht.
  • Hugovd89 wrote: » Touch and hold the virtual cuelist, and then you have the speed under the encoders just like the master faders. after the adjusment quickly sweep away from your cuelist (if you use Add Release End Cue, or have multiple que's in t…
  • Been using the virtual cuelists last weekend, and worked great! Only 1 thing... When i have movements for my moving heads via a virtual cuelist, how do i easily adjust the speed of the movement?
  • With the virtual cuelists, how do you operate it? When i`m having a list with something i wanna tap manually thru, can i do that also with the virtual cuelist. And that with normal buttons instead of tapping on the touchscreen (what i don`t like, if…
  • Thanks to all! I will try it tomorrow, see if it works
  • Sort of. I have 12 fixtures each, but wanna have the open white's in 4 different steps, but each step have to be after the other.
  • Make a page with all the things you would like to have common on all your pages. Then double click the Page button. Make sure you are on the page you want to have common. Then there is in the page menu on the left top the option 'Set current page as…
  • Not 100% sure, but it looks like it is the same fixture as the Showtec Expression 33000 zoom. There is a personality for that fixture.
  • Haha, just yesterday i got an new personality from with this in it... So i have it now.
  • Hey Hugo, Makkelijkste is met pallettes te werken. Maak bijvoorbeeld 1,2 of 3 standjes voor je frontlicht, en zet dat in je cue`s. Zelfde met de rest van het licht. Maak je lichtstandje, en pas dat op elke locatie aan (aannemend dat je geen 2000 …
  • Done. I`ve send you 4 files with these problems.
  • I have. It is something that suddenly begins, and after a reboot it works again.
  • Hi Michael. The entire option toolbar doesn`t show up. I think i have the same bug on the IPC with triggering fast scene`s. About my last comment. I will try it to explain clear as possible, if you still don`t understand it, i would like to…
  • Als jij er niet was Thanks! I will try that next show!
  • srautane wrote: » Well I couldn't make Hugo's syntax to work also... but Scene timing works great Couldn`t find that also. I think i need to :rtfm: again, because i think i am doing something wrong...
  • srautane wrote: » Just a tought... You can have macros like goto time 1, goto time 2, etc. Press a macro and then the list. Can`t find how?
  • For the strobe effect, play also with the effect lenght!
  • :Eyecrazy: :eek: English please?
  • I have my normal positions under a cuelist in the playbackfaders. Is there any way that the ipcb fader wouldn`t release the cuelist with the normal positions? It only happens when i have all moving heads under that fader, not with just 1 or 2.
    in IPCB fader Comment by SanderL July 2011
  • Great! Thanks!
  • Would love to get also a file to learn about it!
  • Hi Abbe, Great idea about the scenes! That will gonna work. Today we messed around to see how we get it working, because with a midi cable in the IPC still doesn`t work. What we will do is: Midi keyboard -> laptop with Hog3PC -> IPC. …
  • Got it working now with Hog3PC... But a question. Is it possible to have desk channels working with it. For example i have some blinders. I wanna have a full on of them on my keyboard. I program a cue with them full on. Then i give a comment macro w…
  • Hi, That is what i already have done. Then i put macro GL1 (cause i cant get : in it?) in all the notes. But it doesn`t work. On the back the desk says that he is getting midi in. I wanna have for example a colorcuelist on the midi keyboard.
  • No, not working. When i press Setup, then Control Panel and then Midi, is it right i see nothing there? Edit: Trying now with Hog3PC, and an midi monitor. In PC i can select my keyboard, but still doesn`t working.
  • Just awake, but i will test it today. With the macro, when i use it this way in a scene, then it works...
  • With the macro`s makes sense now. Now the midi problem. As mentiond above, i have a midi keyboard from ESI. Connected all, when pushing a key, i see on the back of the IPC a LED flickering with Midi In. In the desk i have the following setting…
  • I am working now on it. In Network i said that midi channel 1 is using macro`s, note 1 is GL1. In Cuelist 1 (cue 1) i said in Macro that GL1 is the macro. It is not working? For the first time i tried to open macro`s, via the button on the desk …
  • Well, i have my midi keyboard. Now starting with it, but it doesn`t work yet. So when somebody has advice, it would great if you share it!
  • He has a point there. It would be great to have an executor wing. Like the playback wing, but without the faders. Best would be 30 executors, 3 rows of 10. And then a nice price! Not more then 5000 euro`s, like a playback wing.
  • What about a keyboard? Will it work?
  • Why not using the festivaldesk for the festival rig, and do your own lighting at your own hog?
  • One little question i have, but i think it is not big enough to open a new topic. With an IPC it is also possible to send out artnet to a node of for instance Luminex?
  • Hi Danny, Did you tried the controller yet? Or others, do you tried a good midipad? Hoi Danny, Heb je de controller al geprobeerd? Of heb je misschien andere geprobeerd die goed zijn? Greetings, Sander
  • With an MA you can make multiple layers. For instance you can make a layer 'backtruss', 'floorlights','fronttruss. This is easy when you have an big show, you just have to check where the lights hang.
  • Would love an Android App. I like Android much more then Apple, so that would be great. Is there a list, like Avo, with expectations when the updates will come?
  • Hi, no, i did indead not find the trainingvideo`s. I wil watch them asap!
  • Great, thank you! I understood it is not the best way to work with palettes, like a Avolites? I`ve searched, but couldn`t find anything about it. When working with scenes, it isn`t really easy to change the fade time live. Isn`t it an idea for a…