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  • Actually, let me be clearer. I don't mean do you back up your show on the desk to media on the client. I mean do you run your tablet as a back up to the console in a show situation. If the main console goes down the tablet, running Hog 3pc, can t…
  • With the developement of a Mac Tablet interoperability is a must.
  • Got it. Open + navigation keys
  • So is it only chan 1 that keeps popping in the highlight or is it the 1st channel of any group called. And what is the work around here? It is so not cool that a channel pops on its own.
  • Bing! I back space to get the channel out of selection so I don't grab 2 at once. Work around is cycling highlight? That's what it did this time. Sorry, we went to lunch.
  • if it was parked i'd get a yellow output highlight on the window.
  • cycled again now its gone back to the cue source. It just got caught?
  • highlight. The highlight isn't lit up. I tried cycling highlight before I posted - light went on then off. Highlight looks off to me.
  • Is Logging in and out the only work around? And if I'm outputting to a rig when I log in and out will I lose DMX output? (I will, of course) And a second question: unrelated. I'm going to be programming to song and firing the list(s) off of SM…
  • I'm jumping in on this thread to clear up a couple of things. Cast supports hooking up hog and wyg, but not on the same computer. The fact that we do it in the wild gives them some consternation. I too just had trouble hooking up my two favori…
  • To let everyone know the issue here was with the loop back. Trying to load a show with firewall software and another network adapter working forced the loopback adapter out of the loop. Closing all network adapters except the loopback and shuttin…
  • I backed up a session on the FB and put it on a jump drive as the media. I have now been able to load 3PC! I still cannot load the show I put on the Jump I just noticed that there is a button on the upper right of the update screen that says …
  • thanks for your interest in my problem. I'm not actually connecting the boar and 3PC. I'm trying to load a backed up show file from my boar into 3PC via a jump drive. the two computers are not connected. I suppose I should try this with a cro…
  • bonk bonk, is there anybody in there? I'm pretty sure that I'm having a problem with the loop back adapter. I have a network icon in my tray saying that I have limited or no connectivity with the loopback adapter. I have uninstalled and re-inst…
  • Both are on the same build. The fact that I can't get hog3pc to load any other show either makes me wonder.
  • am currently checking the build level on the boar. If I tried to load a show from a later version would that queer the server on the version that I'm running on the pc?
  • I'm running Wyg R21 cause that's all I can afford at the moment. I'd have to buy the next year's subscription to get r22...Some big job comes in I'll be getting it I assure you. But at least this gives Cast a chance to get the bugs out of 22. …
  • well I'm running mine in 6 channel mode. Didn't know about the "A"as individual cells. I think I'll change to that. Thanks for your reply. I was noticing them going to white when I released the handle on the hog.