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  • I have never put beta software on any of my DL3s and the one not working is one that I recently received back from HES for repair.
  • The Normal Computer is set to a IP address but I have also used another computer to obtain an IP address and it is given a similar IP address the the DL3s. I have 12 DL3s on my system and I can see the other 11 on CMA with the exception of …
  • So an update. When I plug a computer with CMA on it directly into the fixture I will see it in CMA with IP address start with 169.X.X.X but when I go through our artnet system it will not show up and the fixture is showing a valid IP address of 2.…
  • Problems I have seen in my DL3 before are on the silver tilt wheel there are three black hex screws that hold it in place and on mine they have become loose and I have to go through about every 2 months and re-tighten all those screws. Another prob…
  • I have tried re-imaging the drive and about half way through the process I get a Blue Screen error that says driver corrupted.
  • Nothing plugged into the USB Ports and I have gone through the inside of the computer and checked and reseated all the cables.
  • The problem I am experienceing is that the motherboard is detecting that the lamp is already struck and therefore it is not trying to strike the lamp and I have tried using, a new lamp, ignitor card, LPS, and motherboard and still recieve the same e…