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  • This seems to have fixed the problem I was having. Just used the Wholehog III console on two new shows. One show with the 3.0.2 Patch and the next day the new patch came out and I upgraded to the 3.0.3 for the second show and didn't have any problem…
  • I had another LD come through our theater with his own WholehogIII and he had experienced similiar problems. Once I hooked up my console to his rig he had several fixtures that were acting like they didn't have DMX but would respond and go to the c…
  • I have had that problem with other iPhone applications. Simply delete the app and reinstall and it should work fine. BTW... Thanks for the tips guys.. downloading and installing these programs now.
  • This was only happening when the units were "released" and were not being sent any signal. Once they were in a cue or grabbed with a wheel they would respond normally. I can still send you the show but the problem only presented itself while patchin…