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  • codystoltz wrote: » Yeah you know how to change the pages on the encoders to control different paremeters by tapping the pallete buttons Oh yeah! got it thanks thanks
  • leebot wrote: » New versions of the manual can be downloaded from the Wholehog III support section. They are also updated in the consoles when you update the software. My hadcopy of the manual goes back to ver 1.0. i was thinkin of getting a hard…
  • codystoltz wrote: » If im not mistaking some moving lights have a color time to on it so if you just tap through the pallete menus you might find something. Cody,pallete menus?
  • hey guys, so ive been trying those above tricks n it'll work only on I,P,E but not C or it bcos theres 2 gobo n colour wheels?N maybe theres a different syntax command for B n C?? im running on hog3pc-V3.1.6 n robe xt 575s n 250s spots..thankd…
  • ok guys thanks a lot,managed to do it..but my next problem is when i clear the programmer it takes the exact same time to go back to original that normal or theres a way around it???And also Mike thanks alot,i was in ur last class in sin…
  • hi jon,thanks for the quick reply..ive tried ur method but stll wont work,ive try editing the palette n updating the paleete with TIME,still working with robe 575 spots n washs..i know i did it with roadhog..thanks again
  • thanks,cat.i saw this daftpunk concert n it totally blow me off..anyone,got any more suggestions ,regards-fruitcake