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  • Thanks for the intel - and the updates! :-)
  • michael_graham;63001 said:Short answer: All widgets, wings and DP's will work with the H4 software. For the Widgets, will we have to do a firmware upgrade? Is there a cost involved? Trying to plan my equipment budget next year and if there's a cos…
  • Just to toss another spanner in the works here... We run multiple Vista (i7 core) systems to handle everything from basic DJing and Karaoke all the way up to running some fairly large shows on Hog 3PC, even acting as media servers. Meanwhile I talk …
  • I am a little disappointed with Lightbroker because the website is pretty much useless. You go and check their latest arrivals page and find lists dated back to 2004 (and earlier in some spots)... And the one time I actually called about a piece of …
  • Are there any work-arounds to get HOG working on a Vista or 7 64-bit platform? Thanks to recent (needed) upgrades/replacements on all our performance systems we're down to one lone XP unit and that's due for retirement as soon as we can crack this l…