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  • not any recording. not connect to back up pc. Just playback or turn console .Because there are strange situation I do console tracking (when I RH4 is programing number of parameters, such as intensity at 100% .back up computer connection when up, R…
  • Did not any recording. Did not connect to back up pc. Just playback.or turn on console. Because there are strange situation I do console tracking (when I RH4 is programing number of parameters, such as intensity at 100% .back up computer connecti…
  • Thank helped a lot.
  • Thank colin. >-
  • ok but I don't know how to use art net in pc. that is mean I have use RH4 ant connect art net to LC.. I 'try in 1.2 but not work.....
  • ok thanks for your reply so that is mean dmx test still not work in v2 ?
  • in the network setting it will show me DP is offline how can restart it?
    in help Comment by ken1015 August 2013
  • thanks but I have one more problem about htp.. I build a list only have one Q and make this list be a fader and use htp and+go when off o.... in hog 3 I always use this be a front light by hand... and I run other list some Q will take it be o …
  • hi michael I test my show build from backfile it can work ...I think the problem is new version can't work with live show from old version... so if you want to test ..maybe you can test your show build from 1.1.x and that is not backfile... …
  • hi michael 0419 is not my use show now....because it is build from hog 3.. when I up grade to all hog 3 show can't work with it. I have merge a new show create by hog 4show... I can't send my hog 4 show now...because that is not backfi…
  • 4pc is nano mode... and it also can't run hog 3 show file... you can test use I send file before.... I will send you a hog4 show file .. one more thing....I can't load high end web side ... how can I solve this problem? because I can't downloa…
  • thanks marc I will always remenber that... to jamie can I provide IP ..I'm not really understand that.. maybe you can email to me in chinese..
  • merge show file is work..I can switch to command mode and log again..
  • I can't test RH4 now..because it is on the ship... and I just do some test.. full mode can work good after switch command mode.. and the 3's file can work good in merge show... I think we still need fix this problem.. because some show data sti…
  • okay.. I will try to used it thank you Marc
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • hi marc sorry .. I understand now...because I don't invert dmx 255>0.. SORRY and thank for your papience and help.. I just build a new lid and follow your picture... it is work...thanks but I still hope someday we can use correct word for…
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • hi Mark thanks for your reply.. I think you don't complete understand my problem... I can control led ..and I know how to build fix lid... I understand what are you try to talk to me about the we can control color system in CMY and RGB.. my po…
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • that is my queition.. R=C G=M B=Y I hope we can use correct word to control led par not r=c g=m b=y I hope we can see the R G B in fixture builder and when I control led par I can find the wheel it's name is R and the color will be red... I…
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • I create led by cmy c=r m=g y=b because I hope can use default effect engine. and I can use playback fader control intensity.. I just hope we can use color picker for all color system if I touch R and the fixture will appear R ..
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • in moving light is match CMY.. so I think with RGB maybe is work... it don't need to match per fixtures. just need to work with RGB ...
    in led color Comment by ken1015 May 2013
  • Jon: thanks for your reply
    in low light Comment by ken1015 April 2013
  • michael: can you tell me where is quick key for low light? I still can't find it. I can creat a low light palette but I need to use that like high light.. thanks
    in low light Comment by ken1015 April 2013
  • thnaks michael I can creat low light. but I would like to know some quick key like hight button. it will easy to program... one more can I send log file to you ..that is a big file.. I have crash in this week and it has log file...
    in low light Comment by ken1015 April 2013
  • thanks Jon:)
    in desk light Comment by ken1015 April 2013
  • how to switch blue or white?
    in desk light Comment by ken1015 March 2013
  • but...where is backspace on road hog4 ?
  • pig+open+backspace what's that? what is dump file
  • hi Michael I upgrade software and have a littele crash... in my old show has some color effect..that is creat by myself. and I save that on color pallete.. after I upgrade I try to run cue list..that is work.. but I can't use my color effec…
  • hi mitch thanks for your feedback.. but I still worry if I install new software will get more crash... I will next city.if I have more time to test.. how to upgrade new software to roadhog...? use usb install hog pc software or ins…
  • chris you right...I can run in full mode.. someone in high end mail to me.. creat a new show in nano..and merge my old show it can work now...hog pc doesn't auto close... I try to test in next theatre... one more thing... is possible will eff…
  • no...I start show from nano..and sometimes will auto close.. so I change to full mode can work .. someone tell me to creat a new show is hog 4 file and merge my old show.. I try it can let check in next theatre..
  • if you run hog3 showfile .2.6> win7 will close hogpc automatic sometimes... it is my problem ken gerr: dell xps15 win7 pro nano hog .2.9>
  • I was loading backup file from 3.2.6.. and I already pre-write show for a while.. I can load in backup showfile..but I can't open exisiting showfile.. but something is very funny..if I change 4pc mode I can work .if I change back to nano..the …
  • really? that is < Version 1.1.2 build 339> can used? because I try to use in 331 that is not work. after install new version I will try again.. thanks
  • ya it can work now.. but sometimes hog pc will crashed... when I turn the cue list wheel rate. and the rate will stop..I don't know why. but I can control now.. thanks chris.. I can go to sleep now. I will test after I get up. thank you ver…
  • hi chris I try again letter . thanks for your reply
  • ya... I know.. that's why I hope hog 4 pc can build new funtion to switch pos mode. if I work with with nano.I will turn off frontpanel. anyway.thank for your help:)
  • really? that looks very.. when I have a trackball mouse.I can switch mode and I don't need turn on the frontpanel.. thanks for help . I will try .after I get a trackball mouse
  • thanks for your reply...:)
  • superwedget really can work with hog3..but nano wing can't... the reason I need two control system for a china tour..but that don't have hog 4 system..They only can offer hog 3 system.and I'm not sure which one.. anyways thank you for your su…
  • no I just feel happy can see you in here .. I am your group menber from Taiwan. so we still need creat 512desk chanel to check address... I guess your are a very great programer in hog system:) any thank for your reply..
  • thanks guys .. firewood1 : are u hog 4 group on fb ?
  • thanks kenneth I will try tomorrow.. thank you