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  • I would stick with Hog III. It has much nicer screens to work with and those extra buttons around the screen and on the front panel always come in handy. I would say that the Full Boar is slightly faster on the processing side. Maybe you should get …
  • Can we have a response from HES please? Rob
  • Hello I too am seeing this problem on version 3.1.4. I get errors when recording pallets and cuelists. I think the errors say something like "Database load failed to commit" and "server busy" . As bsbjuicer says this can be sorted by pressing …
  • I too have a problem with this. It is most noticeable when fading from a colour effect. Rob
  • As I said before I would have waited until the Road Hog Full Boar was released. I would not under any circumstances have chosen to buy a Pearl.
  • I wish I could have had the same choice!!!
  • I agree with the Dutch Guy, as a Road Hog owner if I'd have known about the iminent release of a desk with the extra features that the RHFB has and for such a small amount of difference in price I would have waited. I would like to know where Marty …
  • I too have had this problem. The first thing I noticed was whirring noise from within the desk. I took the front panel off, cable tied the fan cables away from the fan and all was good. However since then the problem returned, this time it was on…
  • Just so I know, where do you set the BIOS Time? I need to resolve this ASAP as all Auto-Backups have the incorrect time and date. This can make it very difficult to decipher which one to use. Rob
  • Is this a softare or an operating system issue?
  • I too have the same problem. I am running V2.2.2 on a Roadhog. When I set the correct time it stays only until I turn the desk off. When I reboot it is always wrong.
  • I would also be interested in knowing which lighting companies in the UK stock the Road Hog in case we ever need to cross-hire one. Rob