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  • On highends website you can download the computer software for free. You can run hog2, 3, and 4 software. The widget or "dongle" converts your computers USB port into a dmx port. Here is the product line for highends hog pc systems.http://www.highen…
  • What console are you using? Most have some sort of effect engine that will allow you to run this type of effect and modify the parameters such as the size of circle and how fast the light goes in that circle. Also, moving heads cannot go in continuo…
  • Personally I bypass the switches on the belly of the fixture leaving only the one for the lamp. It's hard to troubleshoot a light without power so they end up being bypassed anyways.
  • I would say its the motor they do go bad over time. You can get parts from your local Highend dealer or from lightparts.com
  • The ballast may be bad. Unplug it or swap from another unit and see if the fuse blows. Running lamps past their rated hours in any unit puts added stress on the components and risks in lamp rupture. Does the fixture stay on after the fuse blows? Als…
  • I do not use grease, I have had nothing but trouble with units that have had grease applied. Typically when grease is needed it means that the surfaces have gotten oxidized or rusted and it's bet to replace the mating parts. In extreme cases I use c…
  • ok, i have gotten further, it will now go into self test and the lamp should come on (i had a meter on it but not a lamp), but the fan still does not work. I am getting 26V at the terminals until i plug in the fan and then the voltage drops down to …
  • Its the older original trackspot, not the trackspot2, so there is no menu. It will not go into self test or setup. The lamp will not come on, it just keeps giving the error tone, resetting and giving the error tone over and over.
  • It gives the error tone either way, the fan does not run, when i plug it in the fan led goes very dim. I tested the fan using a bench power supply and the current draw matched the fans rating so I know the fan is good. There is something strange goi…
  • Ok, so i finally got back to this light, 5V and 24V rails are both fine.
  • Yep, i metered right off the transformer and got 26,14,26 which i figured was normal for there being no load. I forgot to meter the 24 and 5 Volt rails. Also is the lamp AC or DC. I didnt look at the schematics hard enough to determine.
  • you should be able to just type in goto cue 4 or backspace until you hit cue 4 or 5 then hit go and it will chase 4 & 5
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  • I would do that, except that as far as i know H2PC will not work with the DP2000. I do not have a widget, mine walked away .
  • They are all interchangeable. You set the mode based on the light on the dip switches.
  • He also likes it when you get him paged at the office as PEPE .
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT OIL BASED FLUID INTO AN F100 !!!. It will clog everything up.
  • as far as executor buttons go, i bet that could be emplemented into the H3 software. Just have a plug in button wing, or even support for a regular keyboard, you just have to push F12 or scroll lock to go into executor mode. Just an idea.
  • Turns out the desk light fuse was blown, as soon as i replaced it and powered up the console and attached the remote, it found the remote and was happy. Now what i have noticed is when i plug in the little lite into the console or remote, the fuse b…
  • one thing i have noticed is it seems like the cyber turbos are much harder on the boards than the older cybers. I will pay closer attention to the board next time, but i dont recall seeing burn marks. I think part of my cyber board failure is they a…
  • I am replacing the scrs with S8025L's. I am just replacing the lamp and cap SCR's not the 2 S6025's on the other side of the board. Also after i have replaced them i put a drop of thermal grease on them and then screw them down to the board.
  • my bets are on the PFC or power factor cap going bad. I have seen them smoke boards and power switches (and create a few minor fires inside of the light) due to the extra current draw. If my memory serves correctly you can meter the amperage draw on…
  • ok after lots of frustration, and swapping the logic board, chips, power supplies, and the cable, it came down to the stepper motor. I replaced it and it worked fine. Go figure.
  • according to the meter all is well with the wiring. I tried swapping the pan and tilt plugs on the board, besides the fixture absolutely hating me, it felt like the pan was still weak and the tilt was fine. They didnt even try moving though, they ju…
  • To make the AF-1000 controller work, you have to replace the e-prom. So it will then work only for the old style dataflash.
  • should i just pull off the wiring harness on both sides and check with a meter, or i guess i could bring a scope over to the shop and look for the pulses sent to the motor.
  • I have checked the leads and made sure that they were plugged in tight. I am having the same problem, it does it only when its panning slowly it begins to drop back down. I guess i will buy a new set of 3 phase chips and give that a try. I guess i w…
  • i have also put the gobo modules in their wrong slot (gobo 2/iris) and (gobo 1/prisim) in the wrong slots and when the focus runs all the way down it hits against the color module and creates a nice assorment of errors. Check to see if this is happe…
  • so what is the problem you are having?
  • I will go pick up a new chip today.
  • I can feel the steps on the motor. I will try replacing it to see if it makes any difference.
  • Nice, there was a guy who gave/sold off some of our gear, and now i am trying to track it all down. I think i have gotten most of it back, minus pars and crank stands, and I have a bit of audio gear missing. I hate thefs
  • They werent sold to you by omar were they?
  • Ok, i will send it to you. What happens to cause this? I know reloading the software does not fix it.
  • there are two sensors for the pan, one is the encoder the other tells the fixture that it has reached its max position. you may have swapped the encoder (looks like two sensors side by side), rather than the max pos sensor which is just one sensor o…
  • they are great for clubs and dj's. They have a single color and gobo wheel. The gobos do not rotate. The strobe is on the cheezy side. They are very fast, the mirror is pretty smooth considering it wasnt built for smooth. You can link them together …
  • They are good to have around.
  • it keeps you from running the data around, its not very pratical to daisy chain an entire concert arena. It gets very confusing and hard to troubleshoot. For small band stuff, I would just daisy chain everything together.
  • splitters are used to distribute data out to multiple sets of lights. Ie. one output going to all of the fixtures on the ground, another going to the first truss, and another output going to the second truss. Also it is common practice to connect al…
  • Honestly, check out gear source or T2K on some used fixtures. No matter what brand when you get around the 575 stuff the price gets high. But there is some extremely nice used stuff out there.
  • you can always purchase shirts from the HES gift shop located in the lobby.
  • I went in a while back and spent 50k and i got a free shirt. I remember back when a free shirt came with every light you bought.
  • The chip is just socketed onto the board. Try replacing the chip IC9. You can get a replacement from highend, or lightparts. If that does not work, replace chip number 21. The chips are not expensive at all.
  • any local computer store should have them. I mean real computer store, one that sells servers and things, best buy probably wont have them. Fry's will, www.altex.com I sure you can pick them up on e-bay also.
  • To me it sounds like you are using some old software. I know the Hog II's would make the lights flicker when saving, but I have not run into that on the Hog 500/1000. Try updating the software.
  • The fixture is EXTREMELY BRIGHT. It leaves dots in your eyes if you are too close (thanks brad). They are unlike anything on the market.
  • You can usually figure out which sensor is which by blocking off different sensors and seeing if an LED flashes from green to orange. If it does not than that sensor is bad. I have had some do some flaky things. I have reciently had a problem with a…
  • when ever the wheels keep spinning that means that the sensor they use to home is blocked. Check the sensor and the wiring. Its probably a bad sensor. Try swapping 2ph boards around to see if different problems track with different boards. For your …
  • It has been a while since i have done it, so i could very well be wrong.
  • any tricks to getting technos to hard focus on the fx wheel. I havent played with adjusting the lenses yet.
  • I use the cue button when i am programming copy cue 2 to 4. Or Move cue 2 list 1 to cue 8 list 2