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  • Thanks, I'll try it. Now I just need to figure out the cause of the crash.
  • The interesting part is that the command has randomly stopped working. Sometimes clear works sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes idle works sometimes it doesn't. Both for strike and douse and only on my 1k's.
  • Thanks, I am running with a wing and it never dawned on me to add a third playback bar. One of the reasons I love these forums, someone else has either tried it or thought of the same thing to try. An answer always appears. James
  • I like that idea. I was thinking more along the line of having a cuelist attached to the main controls without it having to be it one of the physical faders. Like in the old days of single cuelists, having the main controls run the cuelist and then…
  • We are running our iPC without upgraded hardware. Now that our minor static issue is solved, the on,y issue I see with 3.2.3 is when programming there is a lag between the encoders and DMX activation. It does not occur when running shows. Our rig co…
  • We are having the exact same problem. I was beginning to think it was interference from my iPhone. But static seems to make sense when it think about the occurrences.
  • Michael, Problem #1 The rename crash was working as follows; create a bunch of lists (at least 6) Open lists page with List List Rename lists list windows stop refreshing the number of lists has not been consistant. Problem #2 touch front…
  • Files are sent. Another odd reaction; after copying and clearing the log file the process window would not open, the log window would not reopen and the board would not shut down with the quit softkey. It had to have a good old fashioned switch of…
  • Micheal, I have just had a full boar delivered as backup. I will try to recreate the errors on it as well. I will upload this show file and dump file late tonight (early) tomorrow? And then you might get an answer for me. James
  • Well after trial and error and talking to Brad, there is a work around if you do not enable the monitor before you load your show Enable the monitor at 60Hz, it will not show up yet. Unplug and replug your USB cable to the video adapter, eventua…
  • I am having the same sort of problems. RHFB wing was working after the shop looked at it and then another operator was in for the weekend and it no longer works. Touch screen works, no display, not even the monitor adjust menu. But a welcome logo …
  • Except we are trying to run hog2pc. Not my choice, building off an older version of the show.