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  • Awsome. Thanks... I was a big xp user cause well... it was stable. Now I am taking a plunge into the darker world of win 7. I have it up and working... I think for now.
  • correct me if I am wrong, but, a Macro (Go Master) will only work if the current cue list with the strobe chase is selected... Wouldn't you be better off to do a Follow command?
  • dmb182;34748 said:The reason i'm looking at the color blaze is i'd like a fixture that can light sails, back drops, and hopefully cycs. Now i know they're probably not gonna punch like a conventional cyc light, but if i've got a 20 feet tall cyc and…
  • Again im going to agree with Patrick. The color blaze are Excellent cyc wash lights. I had them on a comedy tour for 8 montsh as a floor cyc wash. The best way to set these up as a cyc is to keep them 2 to 4 inches off the cyc and point them striag…
  • I agree with you Patrick, it is mainly in the blue Leds. I have been trying to figure out if there is anyway to get into the light and manually calibrate the the intensities of the RGB to get it at least a little closer to the right temperature of t…
  • dmb182;34654 said:any one know the difference between the first version colorblaze's and the current ones? i often times see color blazes advertised as "the orginal model". Just wondering what the difference is? There are two differences bewteen t…
  • I have a Lacie Hard drive but Axon will not recognize it. Is it possible that it could be formated wrong. (a.k.a formated for a mac?)
  • Does anyone have a list of Drives that do work with Axon media servers?
  • Thank you. The posts have helped alot. Be looking for other questions that may come your way. I am trying to transition from GrandMA to Hog consoles.