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  • Marty Postma wrote: » I've said it many times get what you pay for, every time. The H3PC software is free already, with no restrictions as far as FPS hardware add-ons goes. I agree with the whole you get what you pay for state…
  • Agreed :-D. Yeah, I just gave up on the bored.... bought a dmxKing Micro (only $60+$10 shipping) and it's GREAT! Got it working with Luminair on an iPod Touch which is a great program. Controlled all parameters with a lighting using LightJams …
  • Trying to keep people from using third party hardware in place of wings is ridiculous. The people who can't afford wings (me) will probably never buy them, and the ones that can will always buy them. When will HES pull the stick out and realize that…
  • What the heck would a macro like that even look like? I can't even begin to think about how it would be done. This is probably one of those can be done, but undocumented features.
  • So, I found the chase option and see BPM and when set to 140 for example it runs too fast, so say you want it to run on every other beat, is there a way to do that other than changing the rate to 70? and if you want it every 4th beat do you have to …
  • I have been able to find these cables (Belkin brand) at my local 99 cents only stores. They usually have the white ones, but occassionally they will have the blue ones.