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  • OK, I would love nothing more than to use the Upgraded version of any program, Im always looking for the upgrade, I was just curious at the begining about running Hog 2 on OSX I run currently on a desktop PC * ashamed to say what brand * Th…
  • Last december of 06 we installed HOG 3, we put it on a network, 1. It shouldnt need to see a network to opperate, you should be able to tell it that its a standalone, 2. VERY UNSTABLE it froze every time you did 10 cues. 3. Half of the add ons wer…
  • I Simply use Hog 2 because Hog 3 sucks and doesnt work, it didnt want to work unless it had a connection to the internet I dont want my Hog computer on the internet, since windows is prone to getting a virus just be being turned on. This is why i…
  • I setup a hog pc2 i was origionaly going to set up on the hogpc3 but every time i loaded up on a standalone it demanded a network connection, and once i gave it a network connection all it did was freeze up on me all the time and i had to restart co…