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  • wicked thanx again 4 all ya help.Will try them all now
  • Thanx 4 all ya help.Awesome.So is the lamp that lightenup said the right one 4 these.(e150x)?And if so does anyone know where to get em.?can you buy from HES site?Gona try lampspecs here 1st.Thanx again
  • nope ya bang on.I found a site with lamps 4:$156 u.s (if i lookd up the right bulb,part num:55030042 af 1000 HO1 xenon lamp?)PLz let me know if im onto the wrong one.Have plugged 2 of them in as they had bulbs in.1 tryd to strike but then stopped so…
  • :)yep found that one & all the info i needed.Thanx for that though & again sorry for jumpin in on ya thread..:D teerickson wrote: Silva, You will probably get more responses if you start a new thread in the Automated Lighting Discussion …
  • Been offered 4x emulators + controller $ low Dollars If anyone can help with info would muchly be appreciated.I KNOW NOTHING BOUT THESE sept they are very high end ..Thanx
  • This is prob totaly unrelated to your qustn BUT>>>>> Can anyone help me ..Been offered 4x lightwave emulators at a astupid price plus a controller with no lamps & no clue as to what these lights can do??? Anyone got any info/a…