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  • Thanks Matt. Guess that'll be a no then!
    in touchscreen Comment by coxie June 2008
  • Well the tour is over and none of the heads turned themselves off due to filter warns. They've been on since day one and despite cleaning and changing things the warnings stayed on. The black gaff thing was only a joke by the way!! Just to add…
    in FILTER WARN Comment by coxie August 2006
  • Just a quick note, because it caught me out...make sure that you run the backstage camera switchers and the foh preview monitors on the same phase, otherwise you'll get some chop!
  • Another day. I still have FILTER LIFE OUT ERRORS. I've changed the HEPA filter on the 2 worst heads despite the original filters looking spotless and still very white. I haven't washed the pre-filter as I don't have the time to keep the heads at flo…
    in FILTER WARN Comment by coxie July 2006
  • Just as a follow up...I took out the paper filters of my heads. They all look clean and white. I've put them all back in and now only one of the heads is showing a filter warning so I'll change that one on the next load in. Just as a matter of in…
    in FILTER WARN Comment by coxie July 2006