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  • Hi I would prefer the Option follow on active. It would be faster and easy to handle. Cheers Hg
  • thats right, we have this Problem with a Fullboar. Tommorow I can send you the Show file. Cheers Hg
  • I've tried both options....
  • Hi Chris I select my VL3500 Group, then I select a existing beam palette and change some (existing) shutter values and merge this into the Palette. Sometimes it takes the value, sometimes not.... Replace is working for the desk but not for me beca…
  • Hi Chris Ok for my new request, but holding a virtual cuelist and change the speed is working on the hog3 since years, at least this should work on H4. Hg
  • ??? My Computer is running with W8 and the hog4 pc is running perfect. Is it not running on your pc?
  • Hi there Is there a software to generate some smtpe timecode files? it would be cool if I can create for 10 different videos 10 different timcode files. (I know, that i can use a 60 or 90min file and cut it. But i prefereto generate 10 different si…
  • Hi Thats not the same function When i can change a chase to a effect i can give them a offset etc. i can't do this as fast on a chase... Cheers Hg
  • Hi there Do you have exactly the same build (hog pc and desk)? Sorry i see, you have write that it's 2.3.1... Cheers Hg
  • Hi It's working now... After a miditest in the console test menu (after start) everything is working. There are two consoles, the same problem on both. Thanks for posts Hg
  • Hi I had try it with the mouse.... Cheers Hg
  • Hi there I'm working on 3 differetn shows with the new build and i have the same problem on all the shows.... Cherrs Hg
  • Hog3 with build 1928 2.3.0 (thats wy i write in this part of forum). Cheers Hg
  • I'm using the desk during 4 days for the same show so i'm sure it's not a problem of the screens... I try to unselect it with the mouse but it doesen't work. Cheers Hg
  • Hi Brad A think the version with hog PC and a widget is something for a user himself. But for the rental business i would prefer a small desk, not a pc with a lot of small cases (screen, widget, mouse, keys, pc, wing...). A desk with 2 outputs (an…
  • Hi there Sorry for my bad english... I can't unselect the check box of the cue! I can select AND unselect the position palet, but sometimes, i can't unselect the cue check box... Cheers Hg
  • Hi there I like the idea to have different desks for different budget. But i still miss the desk for the lowest budget... Is there something in the pipeline? Cheers Hg
  • Hi Chris I'm working on the hog3, i know it's a question about the timing... but the command PIG+CHOOSE should be for opening the options window and not a finger timing test Cheers Hg
  • Hi there I like this idea It would be nice if the mode with a active cuelist / scene value is on the wheel. When the priority is on gobo rotation and i have a cuelist active with gobo index, the mode is automatically with the index function on t…
  • Hi there One more time my wish: I like to use palettes with different fade change times. Why we can't use following command: group XY TIME 5 Colour YX (fade in 5sec to the colour)? Cheers Hg
  • And what is with the remind function? What do you think about this? Cheers Hg
  • I don't like the additive page function idea, or my english is to bad to understand it ;)What is if i need fader 3 on the next page but i have fader 3 on the active page in use?Would it be possible to switch the pages on the wing seperat from the pa…
  • works the NEXT PAGE buttons on the wing an on the desk always together or is it possible to seperate this buttons? If its possible, i woul like to have the option separate the pages. E.g. i have a wing and woul like to separate the pages: i have 2…
  • Hi there I would like to have the possibility to change the colour of palettes. I would like also to change the colour of the text in the cuelists, for example the follow cues in red, words of the text of the actors in blue... At the patch window…
  • Hi there I can restart the desktop or other processes, but the most important process, the editor i can't restart, only kill... If a have some problem with my hog3, the editor crash and i have to log of the show. I would like to have the chance to…
  • Try to make a new software install... Regards Hg
  • I know the different options to handle the speed. But i would like to change the speed during the disco with one hand (with the right mouse-button) without load something into the editor or open the effect engine... This option would be also nice,…
  • this don't work because i record some effects in this cuelists... with you idea i can only change the fade between two cues in my list, but not the effect speed. cheers Hg
  • Hi Can i somewhere on the web take a look on the request list? I'would like to have a full backup over my laptop with the hog pc! Cheers Hg