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  • Hi Chris, Thank you for your answer, I'll wait a little longer for the midi control of faders and wheels. At soon. Christophe.
  • Hello the HES team! The midi commands works well it's great ! I used midiOx to map the different channels to my SL25 Novation, I have one question, how can I do to control the faders and if possible the wheels? thank you in advance Best…
  • C'est vrai que c'est tordue comme manip, surtout le coup du Widget invisible ! :dunce: Mais bon ça marche c'est l'essentiel.
  • Merci a tous pour vos réponses : J'ai écris la procédure en français pour que ça soit plus claire, après avoir décortiqué toutes les infos : Configuration Widget à partir de la version: 3.0.0 (2417) 1 – Il faut patcher des appareils sinon …
  • Hi Brad, Thank you for you explanation bright ! Here is the response given by the team support for novation: "As far as I'm aware MSC messages are a type of sysex message so it is poaaible to assign controls on the ReMOTE SL to send these, as…
  • Hi Anders, Yes, it is well that you understood well, I think that you have a good idea, I'm in tour in this moment, I will test that as of my return. thank you once more At ++
  • Hello, If somebody had a brilliant idea, that would be formidable thank's for you answer
  • It is true, I had forgotten ! Thank you Brad for your answer
    in Hog 250 Comment by Tofio May 2006
  • If you it patch not, your channel can exist in the console, but the dmx does not function!
  • Hello Anders, I finished the programming of the SL 25, all is ok, except the wheels but it is not very important. Still thank you for your precieuse assistance. To the pleasure - regards Christophe.
  • Dear Anders, It's OK !!! Thanks you very much !!! In fact, I had not removed 1 at all the parameters, I thought that the velocity did not function like the CC Then, I believed that the faders on the screen were to move! and when I put wysiwyg, …
  • Dear Anders, Thanks you for you help, I applied your method , I you sending the parameters for a fader (number 5) with the ASCII codes of midiox (67 is the channel of slider5 of my SL25novation) and the midimap corresponding all is well, but noth…
  • I made the modification, but anything done there! here what I modified: controller:65:127;NoteOn:11:1 controller:65:127;NoteOn:11:2 I have evil has to understand why that do not want! curious isn'it ? A + Thanks
  • thank you Anders, I had forgotten well by putting the file at the characteristic, but the problem always exists. With +
  • Anders, when I recopied the file, I obviously forgot the parameters of the notes, has to know: controller:65:127;NoteOn:11:1 controller:65:127;NoteOn:11:2 ... but that still does not function. Best regard and thank you Christophe.
  • Hello Anders, I advance slowly with the faders and the wheels. I have understood how functions midiox thanks to your explanations. Thank you very much I have when same a large problem with the midimap.txt of the hog which do not want to include t…
  • Hello Anders, Your guide is very interessant. Thank you. With midiox, is what you know how to make to control the faders hogpc by sending several orders in same time, and, can you give me an example, because I looked at your files which you made for…
  • Thanks Brad, It's very good new ! to be continued... will miss more than the keys midi and the system will be perfect... Best regard Christophe.
  • Akito thanks you for you answer. Tom, thanks you for you answer. I'm very interisting for the shorcut for the encoder wheels. I want well that you concentrates itself on the problem, on the occasion ... if is not of too to require you in …