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  • Not exicuting at all. I just upgraded to 2.3.0. When I went to test time code it ran for a while then I started moving some windows and it quit. I got it to come back by cycling the enable. I discovered if I keep the external monitors at a low…
  • I have the same problem and closing screens does improve it. However I am not getting reliablitiy on the cuelist exicuting the cues at the proper time. Sometimes the console will show time code with the list enabled but won't exicute the cues. …
  • The reason for the that ip address and subnet is because it is being used on a larger system. Like Bager said complicated maybe a little over complicated. I did find out that it seems the ip and subnet maybe a mistake and possably trying to be use…
  • Ok, so I changed everything back to 172.31.0.xxx with a subnet of and it all works fine. So there is something about that ip or subnet that the system did not like. I will have to see if I can get it changed for the time being. Doug
  • Sorry about that 198 is a typo I ment 192 as the last in the subnet.
  • Hey guys, I changed the Jump after frames to 0 as Jason suggested and that did the trick. I did this first so I never tried to go direct to the board and bypass the shaper. I did try adjusting the level that had no effect. So all is well now, I…
  • Ok, thanks I will give that a try. Doug