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  • michael, sounds like the fixtures are parked! Select all fixtures --- and press --touch-- on the right touch-screen . now you´ve all parameters in the programmer. press -more- on the right touch screen press and hold the -pig button and touc…
  • Marty, the switch is the best one for the system !!!! It´s not a switch problem !!! Best, Alex.
  • Only one ethernet switch (3-com) Nothing else in network !!! ca. 70 m from console to switch 1m from switch to DP`s Best Alex.
  • Marty, i´ve tryed to balance all DP´s . So I´ve only 2 Full patched UV on each DP´s. No HTP´s. Connect via default ip´s without DHCP Thank`s Alex
  • Michael, can you delete the bug palettes from my show-file? (I don´t need the palettes higher than 2.500) Can you program my "user created"-librarys into console librarys? Thanks for help Alex.
  • Michael, yes, this show was merged. I merged my old home-show (V. 2. .......... ?) with the new 3. .. version and new library. I don´t need the palettes higher than 2.500 Can you delete this bug palettes ??? Can you program my "user created…
  • Launched Processes said "server Running" When i try to delete one of the bad palettes i´ve only the "server busy" massage but when i want to see this palette f.e. with the view-button, the console crash !!! (no button is working) (check int…
  • When I use the "Strip unused palettes" same bug ("server busy , ............)
  • Also on Hog PC !!! Console and PC V. 3.0.2 (B2440)
  • Marty, it was another Show and no LED´s on the DP1 !!! DP1 - 20 Mac 550 120 Desk channels DP2 14 Mac 2000 20 Mac 600 18 JB Vary LED DP3 180 Channels of LED´s The error was while programming the Mac 550 !!! All other Fixtures not …
  • That´s it !!!!! Thank you very much !!!:hogsign: :notworthy:
  • Tom, today i´ve had the same problem with the output. (not possible to release the cue) In the Output-window the cue-fixtures are marked blue (like when they are in the programmer) But the programmer was empty !!! - clear - clear - (ch…
  • Marty, i think it´s not a overlimit problem from de DP´s. While the problem the other fixtures on the DP`s works fine. It will be a DP hang up problem !!! Question about the balance: For example You have 2 DP´s, 1200 LED channels and 10 Mo…
  • Marty, the DP with the problem: - 16 x VL6B (Mode5) Universe2 - 04 x CP Mini HPE (scans) Universe2 - 170 Desk channels (most in HTP-mode) Universe1 DP2 and DP3: LED sticks , JB Vary Leds and Chroma Panels Thanks Alex.
  • Marty, - nothing else plugged into the switch, only the dp´s - type of switch: 3com baseline switch 2808 - only straight Cat5 cables (ok) - nothing changed in edit fixtures (i recorded the cue again and it works fine) I think it´s really …
  • Chris, no no ... it´s an LTP-List (Cue) !!! I now the problems with the HTP-cues !!! I think I´ve a problem with my DP !!! Alex.
  • Tom, the problem i have comes only from time to time and i can´t reproduce it .......... sorry. When i have this problem: - release the cue - pig-release - delete cue from playback and cuelist directory - playback bar empty - cuelistdirec…
  • Anders, Of course !!!
  • Robin, I now this "trick" but it don´t works every time !!!! And this is only the HTP-problem !!! Thanks ............!!!
  • Tom, very simple. Write a full cue (touch all parameters)(LTP cue) -record choose button -go cue active on stage -release cue console not release active cue -pig release console release everything without the cue i mean ("" not…