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  • If I adjust the path ti linear it's ok for fade in, but when I release there is no fade out... I use VFX whith a hippotizer. and I need fade on some parameter (for shutters for exemple...) I understand that you think that VFX is supposed to be…
    in Fixture builder Comment by digne May 18
  • It's strange because I notice that it does not work the same way .... let's build a fixture: channel 1: dmx 0> 255, function Cyan, Feature variable, value 0> 100% channel 2: dmx 0> 255, function VFX param 1, Feature Continuous, val…
    in Fixture builder Comment by digne May 18
  • Both consoles running a server and had different net number
  • - Yes it's the same fixture-net output all the time - when I log with the second console I see the thumbs - I don't change my hardware setup; to be clear: . 1 console: citp ok, refresh media ok . I log into this show with a 2nd console in …
  • Sorry, the 2 consoles are on the same hog-net (console faillover mode)
  • No USB devices
  • Exactly the same problem. 2 Fullboar4 V2.2.0 (The same day and the consoles was in 2 differents city....strange..) The 2 consoles was in place few days ago, no external screen... The night we shut down the console for the evening, the next …
  • YES very good !!! Thank you scott
  • hello, I'm quite divided on the pixel mapping directly into the console. This would require a lot of crossfade on all DMX channels and suddenly the console performance would suffer . So I think the media server solution is better. But imagine a pi…
  • Yes with a nano it's possible.
  • Per kind will be good that's right. For the comment macro, I misspoke. I would like send the comment macro on the release (I don't know why I said fade time...) For exemple, with a flash command key: I press: it sends cue I release: It release…
  • hi marc, yes a keystroke macro will be a good way, but for the moment it's impossible to attribute the console to another playback bar
  • Great ! it's cool to see that you are attentive to our comments. Thank you very much!
  • In direct relation to the issues highlighted above, as mentioned in another post, it is indeed a merge in as much as the user can select elements of a fixture to control through ArtNet while the remainder of the parameters of the fixture are cont…
  • I'm agree with Marc. I think these new rules are really dangerous in 90% of shows. Maybe give more options in preference to have the choice, but please return us "Remember fader values" like Hog3 Os Gaël
  • hi michael, it's a very good news! I'm sure HighEnd do the best. Thank you
    in Maybe a bug? Comment by digne April 2013
  • Thank you Marty for your answer. yep....that is how it has always been.... and you find that normal? Because personally I find that extremely disturbing. use the "Pile Add Effects" option in your cuelist to keep from seeing this I don't…
    in Maybe a bug? Comment by digne April 2013
  • Hi, I merge this show to a new show and everything work fine now. But it's strange because the old show work now... I will send you the show if the problem come back. Thank you Michael Gaël
  • So why it was supported in the V1.0.0 and not now?
  • Hi stephane, I'd seen it on the manual and like you I wonder if "midi rate wheel" can be applied to other console than Hog4. Perhaps in a near futur it will be very great to add this rate wheel on the trackball's rotary encoder option.... But fo…
  • Ok I'd downgrade untill v3.0.0 and everything seems work well now. I'll tried to upgrade on 3.2.1 later and I hope everything will be good.... It's the first time I have this problem, is it a symptom to anything? Gaël
  • In this case what I would do is to build another cue on your second fader that takes all the lights to zero in whatever time you need them to go out in, then build a third cue that is "empty" and set it to "Follow" and execute a comment macro to rel…
  • Thanx very much Tom. I'd already find this solution and you confirm it.
  • Thanx for your answer Mike, I absolutely agree with you. I badly asked my question... But is it possible to control rate or size separately (I'd forgotten this word, sorry:trink26: ...) ? For exemple : I need to do a step chase with effect inten…