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  • You will be faster patching the Sunstrips as 10 desk channels! Tim
  • I have had had the same issue swapping Vipers and Shapies between extended and standard modes, it was with build 550 from memory, on the H4 it was just once with a desktop crash, on h4pc it repeatedly crashed the application. only worked on h4pc wit…
  • I have had to do this for a show now, I managed to add the personalities for the new fixtures to the showfile in H4PC, then was able to preform the fixture swap on the H3 console. Unfortunately the result is pretty unusable! the console really st…
  • sjh30222 wrote: » In addition, I would love to be able to save a show file locally on a networked console. Currently, you can only save on the server console. This would be very useful in event of a server crash!
  • Sorry Eric, I should have been more specific. It's the old H2 sunset and sunrise functionality that I need to use, I guess I need to fudge it using the standard clock features? Tim
  • I have just experienced a similar but less serious crash. RHFB running foh (just outputting looks no serious operation) driving Luminex Node 8's at dimmers via artnet, and come to run next cue and nothing no mouse, keyboard, buttons or touch screens…
  • I have successfully used the Luminex node 8's with a RHFB, it's just a case of assigning both IP addresses in the same range they should talk to each other... If you get any kind of glitch's with the luminex please report it to them as they are a…
  • That will do the trick... lets hope once this is in and running it won't need updating! Cheers Tim
  • Cheers Brad Startup Macro was just what I was looking for. With regard to the clock release, does the release time not apply, or is ignoring the time a bug? Short of making a 'dummy' release cue then releasing which forces the values to a defa…