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  • Got it. It is running very smooth now thanks you all. :headbang:
  • So when i do split screen with the cue list screen I start getting a horrible lag. Anyone experience this yet?
  • OK so i minimized the resolution and dont seem to have any lag issues. Thank you so much for the help.
  • I am running a hog3 with expansion wing.
  • Sorry for not being specific. When I start up the console and i start my regular functions it seems fine after about 5 min the console starts getting sluggish where when you press any button you see nothing for a min or so Lets say i press 22 @fu…
  • Thanks guys i cant wait for this update.
  • Sorry guys it was a show file issue. New show file no problems. Thank you for your help.
  • I tried it and no luck. I am running an h3. All the other windows seem to be running fine but the cuelist window is just delayed or slows down the whole system its kind of weird. Even when i go close the window it has a big delay to it. Once aga…
  • I am opening through the cuelist hard buttons on top left. I will try the double choose to see if its any diffrent. Thanks